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STRATMOR Study Highlights Better Business Through Retention

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STRATMOR Group has released the results of an internal statistical study that shows that direct lenders earn much more for retention loans than they do for attracting new customers. According to STRATMOR Group Managing Director Dr. Matt Lind, a statistical analysis of consumer direct lending for 2013 showed fully loaded pre-tax profit margins (as a percentage of loan balance) of 146 basis points for "retention" borrowers versus only 32 basis points for "new" borrowers.Click to continue

Why Is Communication So Hard?


Before we dive into what needs to change, we must understand the problem better. Webster’s Dictionary defines “Communication” as “A process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs or behavior.” Okay, so by that definition, we are communicating all the time. I get it, but it doesn’t help me understand the problem. We need to look further.Click to continue

Do You Have the Account Executive Advantage?

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I love the mortgage industry … absolutely love it! What do I love about it? Besides the obvious benefit of earning a living, it basically boils down to one thing: You help people. You help people achieve the dream of homeownership. You help people overcome credit obstacles. You help families relocate. You help retirees. You help people plan their financial futures. You help, period. And, if you’re an account executive (AE), you have the ability to help on an even larger scale than you may realize.Click to continue

Life After Refinances: Leaders Need to Step Up

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As a leader of your organization, the next 12-24 months are going to be challenging … or maybe a better way of saying it is this time will be “different.” If you are managing a team, a branch, a region, or are the CEO of your company, you need to consider making some in-flight corrections ASAP. Let’s flash back to the last 10 years.Click to continue

The Ultimate Guide to Handling Sales Objections


Poor handling of leads can account for as much as 60 percent of fallout. “Objection handling” is searched more than 6,600 times per month on Google, showing this as a main area of concern for sales professionals. Developing strategies to handle objections can increase your earnings while improving your skills. We identified four core reasons that a prospect is likely to object and strategies for overcoming them.Click to continue

Zillow and Douglas Elliman Real Estate Enter Into Marketing Partnership

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Zillow Inc. and Douglas Elliman Real Estate, one of the largest real estate brokerages in the nation and New York City's largest residential brokerage, announced they have entered into a new strategic marketing partnership. All of Douglas Elliman's listings will appear as featured listings on the Yahoo!-Zillow Real Estate Network, the largest real estate network on the web, via a direct feed from Douglas Elliman.Click to continue

Zillow Launches New Performance-Focused Marketing Solution


Zillow, Inc. has announced the launch of Zillow Rent Connect, a performance-focused marketing solution that will transform the way multifamily property management marketers connect with future residents. The foundation of Zillow Rent Connect is high-quality, certified contacts from the Zillow Rental Network coupled with elite service for multifamily marketers.Click to continue

AFR/eLEND Expands Its Marketing Team


AFR/eLEND has announced its core marketing and marketing technologies, team assembled to operate as an in-house agency. After months of planning and with the organization’s growth strategies in full swing, AFR/eLEND announced the assembly of an inimitable team, structured to deliver intuitive, multifaceted and innovative marketing strategies, conveyed in straightforward terms to market.Click to continue

Equifax Launches New Targeted Marketing Product for Lenders


Equifax Inc. announced the availability of Prescreen Direct with Property, which helps to improve the accuracy of targeted marketing campaigns for lenders, enabling them to better match and offer mortgage and home equity products to consumers who are most likely to make a purchase.Click to continue