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Mortgage Marketing: How You Can Shine

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The news is out ... the first four months of 2014 have shown that the demand for home loans has plummeted, mortgage rates are increasing, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are being overhauled, and Wells Fargo cut 700 mortgage jobs. In the midst of all this gloom, there is a way to for you to shine…Click to continue

John Shea Named SVP of Sales and Marketing for Birchwood Credit Services


Birchwood Credit Services, Inc. announced that John Shea has joined our team as senior vice president of sales and marketing. Shea will be responsible for overall strategic planning, customer service and sales growth while managing and directing the execution of sales plans and practices for Birchwood’s growing sales team.Click to continue

Turning Mortgage Leads Into Conversions

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If you are buying leads, telemarketing or sending direct mail, you are already aware that not all leads result in sales. In fact, statistics show that only 21 percent of leads will end in a sale. But what if you could increase your conversion rate by 20 percent? Ultimately, you could expect to see greater revenue, more clients, and hopefully, an increase in referrals. Accomplishing this is not difficult.Click to continue

Who Are You … and Why?

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The above title seems like a simple enough question: Who am I? Well … I’m a father, son, friend, sales professional and a few other things. I’m quite sure if I were to ask you the same question, you could come up with similar answers, all of which would be perfectly valid.Click to continue

Summer Marketing Tips: What’s Going to Produce the Best Results This Summer?

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Summer is here, and there are particular items to take into consideration when planning your marketing strategy. Spend some time thinking about your prospects and what they might be doing when contacted before sending your marketing materials to them. In the summer months, it’s more important than ever to take your prospect’s lifestyle into consideration before putting together your campaign.Click to continue

Churchill Names Jay McCarthy New Chief Marketing Officer


Churchill Mortgage has announced Jay McCarthy as its new chief marketing officer, where he will lead the continued development of its messaging and communication strategies across traditional and emerging digital channels. Churchill is a leader in the mortgage industry providing conventional, FHA, VA and USDA residential mortgages across 33 states.Click to continue

Mortech Adds Dialer Support to Its Marksman Lead Management Solution


Mortech has announced that it has added sophisticated dialing support to its Marksman product and pricing engine and lead management solution. Now available for beta use, the new dialer provides click-to-dial functionality and direct lead calling within Marksman.Click to continue

What Does It Take to be a Successful Leader in the Mortgage Industry?

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“What makes a great leader in the mortgage industry?” This question came up during a dinner I shared recently with one of my industry peers.Click to continue

E-mail Advertising: CAN-SPAM Compliance


Question: I am aware of the “do not call" list, but is there a similar type of “do not email” list?  Also, what regulations do we need to be aware of if we choose to solicit business via e-mail?Click to continue

Using Credit Bureau Data for Your Marketing

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What is pre-screened credit data? Pre-screened credit data comes from the major credit bureaus. It is the data that is used for direct marketing, telemarketing, direct mail, past client monitoring for mortgage credit inquiries, and mortgage trigger leads. Using pre-screened credit data allows you to pre-select and qualify consumers for your offer before you solicit them ensuring only qualified prospects are receiving your offer. Credit data increases response quality and close ratios saving you time and money.Click to continue