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Churchill Names Jay McCarthy New Chief Marketing Officer


Churchill Mortgage has announced Jay McCarthy as its new chief marketing officer, where he will lead the continued development of its messaging and communication strategies across traditional and emerging digital channels. Churchill is a leader in the mortgage industry providing conventional, FHA, VA and USDA residential mortgages across 33 states.Click to continue

Mortech Adds Dialer Support to Its Marksman Lead Management Solution


Mortech has announced that it has added sophisticated dialing support to its Marksman product and pricing engine and lead management solution. Now available for beta use, the new dialer provides click-to-dial functionality and direct lead calling within Marksman.Click to continue

What Does It Take to be a Successful Leader in the Mortgage Industry?

Leadership Pic/Copyright: Getty Images/Credit: Jupiterimages

“What makes a great leader in the mortgage industry?” This question came up during a dinner I shared recently with one of my industry peers.Click to continue

E-mail Advertising: CAN-SPAM Compliance


Question: I am aware of the “do not call" list, but is there a similar type of “do not email” list?  Also, what regulations do we need to be aware of if we choose to solicit business via e-mail?Click to continue

Using Credit Bureau Data for Your Marketing

Credit Cards Pic

What is pre-screened credit data? Pre-screened credit data comes from the major credit bureaus. It is the data that is used for direct marketing, telemarketing, direct mail, past client monitoring for mortgage credit inquiries, and mortgage trigger leads. Using pre-screened credit data allows you to pre-select and qualify consumers for your offer before you solicit them ensuring only qualified prospects are receiving your offer. Credit data increases response quality and close ratios saving you time and money.Click to continue

InfoHounds Announces Major Microsoft Integration as Part of Campaign


InfoHounds Inc. has kicked off a series of daily announcements as part of the company’s "Five Integrations in Five Days" campaign by unveiling a seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.Click to continue

CRM Provider Vantage Production Launches Vantage Retail Sites


Vantage Production LLC, a provider of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for mortgage lenders, has announced the launch of Vantage Retail Sites, the first of a series of Web sites aimed at driving Internet-based sales while increasing lender control over origination compliance.Click to continue

STRATMOR Study Highlights Better Business Through Retention

Handshake Credit: Digital Vision

STRATMOR Group has released the results of an internal statistical study that shows that direct lenders earn much more for retention loans than they do for attracting new customers. According to STRATMOR Group Managing Director Dr. Matt Lind, a statistical analysis of consumer direct lending for 2013 showed fully loaded pre-tax profit margins (as a percentage of loan balance) of 146 basis points for "retention" borrowers versus only 32 basis points for "new" borrowers.Click to continue

Why Is Communication So Hard?


Before we dive into what needs to change, we must understand the problem better. Webster’s Dictionary defines “Communication” as “A process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs or behavior.” Okay, so by that definition, we are communicating all the time. I get it, but it doesn’t help me understand the problem. We need to look further.Click to continue