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The Power of Video Marketing for Mortgage Professionals

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Marketers have several options when it comes to which medium to choose for their marketing. You basically have three main choices: Words, Pictures and Videos. Let’s analyze these options, so we can understand the marketing power that lies in video communication. I think small businesses don’t use nearly enough video on their websites and social media outlets. It’s understandable considering making a great video is a little more involved than the other forms, but the marketing benefits far outweigh the effort it takes to put one together.Click to continue

Facebook "Likes" Turn to Profit


Facebook is known as the apex of all social media sites. Facebook overcame it's predecessor, MySpace, and even it's close adversary Twitter cannot boast as many registrations and daily participants. Every second of the day, people are posting statuses, sharing pictures, and “Liking” things that catch their interest. It's the fastest, most versatile form of communication and form of sharing that our society has had to date. Facebook “Fan Pages” haven't always been around, but once they were announced, groups, companies and advertisers jumped for joy.Click to continue

Sales & Marketing Tips for Today's Mortgage Professional - When One Door Closes … Another One Opens

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Watching my son graduate from high school recently was certainly one of my proudest moments. As I looked on, the excitement that he and his friends were experiencing was absolutely palpable. The smiles spoke volumes about how relieved and excited they all were to have successfully completed such an important stage in their lives. But there was more there than just a feeling of pride in having completed high school. There was a tangible feeling of exhilaration about what was coming next … college.Click to continue

Four Steps to Building an Online Mortgage Lead Generating Machine

Laptop Pic/Credit: Thomas Northcut

Can you explain in 60 seconds or less how you will execute your new marketing strategy when rates finally go up the refinance boom ends? You may target renters, make cold calls to aged leads, sit open houses, work your referral partners or learn how to improve your website to start building your own equity online. And yes, you may even consider talking to real estate agents about helping their buyers get qualified.Click to continue

Growing Your Real Estate Agent Relationships, Grow Your Mortgage Business Part IV: Consider Forming an MSA With Select Realty Offices


It's probably easier to build on an existing relationship that is already providing business, but would probably bring in more through a Marketing Services Agreement (MSA). The marketing agreement could help firm up that relationship. Consider this option carefully, though: If you are already receiving volume from this account, why should you start paying for business you are already pulling in? And if your loan originator is good, they should know how to build business from established relationships.Click to continue

Compliance and Marketing 2013: Safely Growing Your Business and the Safest New Marketing Strategy!

Compliance Pic/Credit: Phil_Ashley

If you have ever done a significant amount of marketing, you have probably ran into or heard of others running into problems with compliance (hoops to jump through to keep your marketing compliant). The mortgage industry and your marketing strategy are heavily regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and now the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).Click to continue

The Secret Formula for Optimizing Your Mortgage Lead Campaigns

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Nine out of 19 lenders failed to attempt contact with all leads. With statistics like this, it’s no wonder a majority of all mortgage lead campaigns are destined to fail.Click to continue

Branding in Today’s Purchase World

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In today’s competitive market, brokers and bankers are exploring many alternatives to branding themselves as the lender of choice. Whether you are marketing to a potential customer or a partner such as a real estate agent, you must think about how you can brand yourself as the lender that they go to meet their needs.

The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a “name, term, sign, symbol or design or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competition.”Click to continue

Marketing Compliance Corner: Wholesaler Risk

Compliance_Pic/Credit: Phil Ashley

Wholesale lenders may be held responsible for various actions of their brokers, bankers and correspondents (brokers). The wholesaler, in establishing a relationship with the broker, is responsible for due diligence. For example, the wholesaler may approve title insurance agents, appraisal companies and determine that sound underwriting/processing standards are followed. By underwriting the file or reviewing the underwriting, the wholesaler minimizes its risk.Click to continue

Marketing Compliance Corner: Social Media

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There is a requirement from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) that mortgage companies have a Compliance Management System (CMS). We will focus on issues specifically relating to marketing and lead programs with a CMS. We want to provide useful information to assist you in the management of risk regarding marketing & lead acquisition for your mortgage company.Click to continue