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Thinking Outside the Box Can Help Grow Your Referral Base


A referral base is mandatory in order to survive the mortgage business cycle. Without a referral base, your business could be in jeopardy when the refinances dry up. Most loan originators think of networking with real estate agents, financial advisors and their community when building a referral network. While those are great ways to acquire new referrals, direct mail may be the most effective way to quickly build a referral base on a grand scale.Click to continue

Lessons From the Road: How to Hire Great Salespeople

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Even though I manage a very successful sales force, I’m not what most people would consider a conventional sales manager. I don’t have an MBA, I only own a few Tony Robbins books, and selling Mercury Network is actually the only official “sales job” I’ve ever had. Truth be told, I rely largely on what I learned from touring as a musician for over 10 years. It’s really those skills that have made the biggest difference in my career selling software to mortgage professionals, and managing teams of very successful salespeople.Click to continue

GSF Re-Tools Its Sales and Marketing Efficiency


GSF, a leading wholesale, retail and consumer direct lender, has selected Vantage Production LLC's Vantage Integrated Production (VIP) to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of sales and marketing across all of its businesses. Based in Brookfield, Wis., GSF originated nearly $500 million in mortgages in 2012. GSF plans to use VIP to increase loan officer productivity and centralize sales and marketing. The platform will also allow GSF to engage with leads more effectively during both the sales cycle and over the life-of-the-loan relationship.Click to continue

The 25 Most Connected Mortgage Professionals in 2013

The 25 Most Connected Mortgage Professionals is a list of mortgage professionals selected by their peers and the staff at NMP who are highly connected on social networks and/or have a heavy influence on social media at large. These individuals have a large number of real followers on Twitter, a lot of "Likes" on Facebook or have a very popular blog or video show.Click to continue

LoyaltyExpress Releases Latest CRM Platform


LoyaltyExpress released the fifth generation of its CRM platform – CustomerManager. CustomerManager, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, is the most demanded enterprise-wide marketing automation solution for banks and mortgage companies across the nation. The 5.0 release includes a robust user interface enhancement and extensive lead management capabilities to fully support the 'pre-to post-closing' mortgage sales cycle.Click to continue

The Keys to Success: Basic Marketing Initiatives

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Basic marketing initiatives are never too old to review. They are worth repeating, especially in such a volatile rate environment. Business planning, understanding your market and taking steps to engrain your services within the community, both real estate agent-based and consumer-based, are important keys to success. Those relationships are all critical to our production and on-going referrals. Best rates and lead generation services will not necessarily lead the way in the coming months.Click to continue

The Five Critical Factors to Develop Call Confidence


Confidence is a magnetic personal quality that causes prospects to desire to hear what we have to say. It’s one of the most effective traits of top producing sales professionals. But how do we get it? Every sales representative, whether the “newbie” or the seasoned professional, experiences apprehensions from time to time when it comes to prospecting for new business. This nervousness has been commonly known as call reluctance. It’s natural. We all get it. But what separates the top producers from the rest of the sales force is how they get over it and develop call confidence.Click to continue

LVG Launches New Marketing and Client Retention Program


With mortgage rates drifting higher, coupled with reduced margins in an increasingly competitive origination environment, Loan Value Group LLC has launched a suite of retention and marketing programs that offer lenders and servicers a proactive approach to achieve greater market share and increased volume while creating consumer loyalty and lowering the overall cost of origination and servicing.Click to continue

Passing the Two-Minute Prospect Value Assessment


Well-known author Malcolm Gladwell, best known perhaps for his 2000 best-seller, The Tipping Point, has written about scientific research that indicates that positive or negative initial impressions are formed during the hiring process in just two-seconds. Moreover, these initial impressions correlate highly with the decision to hire or not to hire a candidate. According to Gladwell’s research, these impressions are based almost entirely on whether the candidate “feels right,” a basic, gut-level assessment of the candidate.Click to continue

Top 10 Tips to Grow Your Mortgage Business


Growing your business in the mortgage and investment banking industry will mean that you are reaching out to a predominantly well-educated and sophisticated prospect. That means that your marketing must also be sophisticated. It doesn’t mean it can’t be creative or surprising, it just has to be smart.

Here are 10 ways you can grow your business, either by accomplishing these tasks yourself, or by calling on a marketing firm to assist you in implementing them.Click to continue