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Prosperity Home Mortgage Chooses Mortgage Returns' TRUE CRM Solution


Mortgage Returns has announced that Prosperity Home Mortgage LLC, has enrolled in Mortgage Returns’ TRUE CRM solution, which enables lenders to strengthen relationships with customers, prospects and referral partners to drive revenue and profitability.Click to continue

New Year, New Opportunities: Strategies to Improve Your Sales Efforts

Sunny Sky/Credit: Comstock

It’s a new year, which means new opportunities to get ahead in your selling environment. Take some time to reflect on strategies used last year, and evaluate what did work well and what did not work so well. Because the mortgage industry is always changing, it is important to keep your sales team ready with smart practices.

To help you start the new year strong and stay ahead of the competition, we have outlined some key strategies that will help transform your sales efforts for the year.Click to continue

Generating New Leads With Direct Mail: Back to the Basics

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It’s a new year, you have a new budget, you’re ready to try new lead generation techniques, and you’ve decided on direct mail. Well, okay, so the concept of direct mail as a lead generation tool has been around forever, but maybe you tried one mailer in the past and got zip. Or maybe you paid your daughter to stuff envelopes and she tried to help by writing, “I can get you a great loan!” on the outside of the envelope, and guess what? Dismal results.Click to continue

Technology Can Enhance Mortgage Marketing Through Effective Use of Big Data

Data Mining

Do you know anyone still using typewriters rather than computers? The question may seem silly. Just as technology has transformed the typewriter into today’s computer and tablet devices, so too has technology enabled vast change in marketing productivity when an originator takes advantage of Big Data by utilizing a complete CRM system.Click to continue

Marketing Compliance Corner: Lead Purchase Compliance

Compliance Pic/Credit: Phil Ashley

Mortgage companies and loan officers augment their marketing efforts with purchases of “leads.” The expansion of the Internet and a reduction in the expense of communication has led to an expansion of lead sources-companies that focus only on generating leads for the mortgage industry. These companies tout specific leads for targeted groups or loan programs, such as a home equity conversion mortgage (HECM) or the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP).Click to continue

TagQuest Customer Spotlight on Keith Brewer, President of Liberty United Mortgage Holiday Marketing Tips: Mortgage Direct Mail Is Back!


Choose whether you are going to market through the holidays or not ... some people do and some people don’t. That’s what makes marketing through the holidays so interesting. If you choose to market, understand that your expected response rates should be less than usual. That being said, you should also expect to close at a much higher rate as well. People who are purchasing and refinancing their homes during the holidays are MOTIVATED. That’s why close ratios go up. For each person who decides not to market during the holidays, there is another who decides to stick with it.Click to continue

The Four Elements of a Perfect Marketing Plan

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Every business needs marketing in order to grow, and mortgage professionals are no exception. Investing in effective marketing strategies grows your business by attracting more clients, building the loyalty of your current clients, and building your company’s brand in general. Looking into marketing can be daunting for some business owners, so let me show you the 4 elements you should definitely be implementing in order to put together the most complete marketing plan possible. Combining these four elements will bring your company the best marketing results.Click to continue

NAMB Sales & Marketing Tips for Today's Mortgage Professional Keeping in Contact

Market Research Pic

In a previous article in National Mortgage Professional Magazine, we discussed five disciplines to incorporate into each work day to keep your pipeline full. In addition to meeting strategic partners daily, the importance of daily communication with at least 10 clients or strategic partners is a must.Click to continue

Finding and Attracting Customers in 2013


Growing your business is essential and finding qualified prospects can be extremely difficult. Having a reliable marketing campaign enables you to grow at your own pace and plan for the future, no matter where the mortgage industry takes you. These three factors MUST be considered before setting out to accomplish this task:Click to continue

When to Stop Thinking


“Overthinking” marketing is a common error many brokers and lenders make when putting forward the best effort for their marketing approaches. Oftentimes, the best thoughts lead them down the path to failure. This can be attributed to thinking from the wrong perspective. Lenders and brokers without much experience will put forward what they think is the best as it suits their personal taste instead of looking at their approach from the eyes of their target consumer.Click to continue