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DocuSign Celebrates Wells Fargo's Expansion Into eSig Acceptance

eSignature Credit: Siri Stafford

DocuSign Inc. has applauded Wells Fargo Funding on its significant expansion in its acceptance of electronic signature on mortgage-related documents. Following on the FHA’s announcement in January that it would accept lender-generated loan documents electronically, the move by one of the nation’s leading mortgage investors demonstrates continued momentum of electronic signature acceptance among financial service providers for facilitating Digital Transaction Management (DTM).Click to continue

Social Media for the Loan Officer of Today


Loan originators who have a trust relationship with prospects have an easier sale. When a client knows you and trusts you, their decision becomes about which loan to select, not whether to have you do the loan. When you know your clients, you face less rate shopping and less comparison to other lenders.

An alternative is to buy leads, but that means you call as a stranger and will always fight a battle over rates. With refinances all but going away, working leads will not be a viable strategy for most originators.Click to continue

Getting Started on Facebook


There are more than 1.11 billion active users a month on Facebook and 50 million-plus business pages, according to a 2013 study by That is just too large a number to ignore as a business. However, it can seem overwhelming when trying to start out on Facebook. There are many options and capabilities, but when you are just starting out, there are a few things you should know. One thing to remember is that Facebook is different for each user.Click to continue

First Home Buyers Are All Going Mobile

iPhone Pic

More than a decade ago, the notion of a "new economy" crashed and burned with and many of its NASDAQ compatriots. But thanks to the millennial generation, which seems to have been born with a smartphone or tablet in its hand, online commerce is back with a vengeance – and it’s here to stay.Click to continue

Cutting Edge Wholesaling: New Technology Meets New Industry Standards


Mortgage wholesaling has been rejuvenated by the fully recovered and the robustly rebounding construction industry and housing market in the U.S., and with that, the bar of wholesale industry standards is being raised every day at an unprecedented rate.Click to continue

Ellie Mae Rectifies Service Disruptions

Technology Pic

What would be the absolute worst possible time to have a service disruption of any kind? If you answered “the end of the month,” you’d be spot-on. If you’re going to initiate some kind of hack or “attack” on a company that handles servicing, compliance and more, the perfect time to do so would be the end of the month, during an influx of data and paperwork, thus gumming up the works for everyone who relies on your service for expedited material. Thus was the predicament of Ellie Mae.Click to continue

DocMagic Expresses Concern Over Platform Reliability


DocMagic Inc. has announced that more of its customers are expressing concern with the reliability of their mission critical technology systems and asking for more information about system uptime from their vendors.Click to continue