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AG Beat

Homeowner Initiatives Coming to a Screeching Halt

There were many issues up for discussion leading into the presidential election last year, through the fiscal cliff talks at the beginning of this year, and now leading into other proposed budget cuts scheduled for the first of March. Calls for a decrease in military spending and the eradication of decreased tax cuts and deductions – specifically those enjoyed by homeowners – were on the tip of everyone’s tongue.Click to continue

Top 5 Errors on Short Sale Approvals Provide No Holiday Happiness

The holiday season is a romantic time of year. Most folks have “visions of sugar-plums” dancing in their head. The Christmas season is also a great time of year to receive a short sale approval letter, especially if you have been working tirelessly on your short sale for the past few months.

Short sale approval letters are not as picture perfect as Christmas, however. Often, they are riddled with errors and have to be returned to the short sale lender for corrections.