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What to Look for in Leadership: Results

When you're building a leadership team, one of the most important things to consider is whether or not the candidate is results-oriented.

Of course, almost everyone is going to put "results-oriented" on their resumes, but that's not what I mean. I mean people who have actually done things and improved their organizations. Does the resume talk about what they "can do" or what they "have done?"Click to continue

What to Look for in Leadership: Integrity

Building a successful leadership team for your organization is not an easy job. Even in an employer's market—where equally qualified candidates are vying for just a few positions—it can be difficult to choose the right people. If everyone is equally qualified, how do you know who to recruit?Click to continue

Building a Winning Team: Cleaning House

The third step to building a winning team is probably the hardest to do and the one done least effectively. Sometimes, you've got to fire people. If you don't let the people go who are dragging your team down, it's going to ruin you. Like a gardener who wants his garden to thrive, you've got to pull out the weeds.Click to continue

Bitcoins and SAR Narratives

You probably know about Bitcoin, unless you have been living in total seclusion for the last few years. The big controversy usually centers on determining if it is legal tender. But imagine if you are confronted with a transaction involving Bitcoin. Do you file a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR)?  Click to continue

Building a Winning Team: Keeping Talent

Once you've recruited solid people to your team, you then face an interesting challenge. If you're getting what you've bargained for and the people you have hired are performing well, you might find yourself with an unforeseen problem.

If you don't increase the incentives for your top-performers to stay with your organization, they might leave. The second step to building a winning team—after recruiting talent—is keeping talent.Click to continue

Building a Winning Team: Hiring

Recruiting is a magical thing. When you think about it, there's a lot you don't have control over in business. You can't control the market. As an individual, you don't have a lot of control over the perception of the industry. But, if there is one thing you do have control over, it's who you bring onto your team.Click to continue

Technology: Is It Useful?

I love bright and shiny new objects. Who doesn't? It can be fun to test out new technology to see what it's like. We live in an amazing time to be exposed to some of the technologies we have the makes are work and lives easier.

But, sometimes, I think we can get carried away with technology. When we allow ourselves to be distracted by every little widget that comes along, we can easily for get the point. Technology is about productivity.Click to continue

Training: Part Passion and Part Skill

You've heard the phrase, "hire for passion and train for skill." I like the sentiment, but I also somewhat disagree. I think you should hire for both passion and skill. But, more importantly, I think you should train for both passion and skill.

Of course, people need to be trained on how to do their jobs better. Most training involves sharpening skills and improving performance. And I don't think we should ever get away from that kind of training.Click to continue

The Importance of Staying Informed

Knowledge is power. Your ability to make good decisions in business is contingent on your ability to retrieve solid information. If you don't have the information you need at your fingertips when the time comes to make a critical decision, how can you expect to make a good decision?

There is so much information available today for the mortgage professional who wants to stay ahead. There are blogs and magazines and podcasts and video channels galore. All you need to do is take a little time each day to keep yourself informed.Click to continue

Hire Good People ... Get Good Results

One of the greatest maxims I've heard a business person use is the philosophy of "hiring for attitude and training for skill." I disagree with it in part, but I agree with the general principle.

I do think you should hire for attitude, but I also think you should hire for skill. There's a lot you should take into consideration when hiring but, in the end, you should hire good people. You should hire people who can get the job done.Click to continue