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How Clarity Changes Everything

Have you ever spoken to someone who has gotten glasses for the first time? Or, maybe it's someone who has gotten an eye surgery and can see again. When people are able to see things clearly, they're whole worlds change. They start to notice things they've never noticed before. They feel a bit like Dorothy stepping out of her house into the land of Oz.Click to continue

The Importance of Meetings

Meeting get a bad wrap sometimes in our society. Especially in the age of Silicon Valley startups, where people are expected to get things done quickly without spending much time in discussion, meetings are considered hindrances that slow business down. Why waste time in meetings when we can just get to work instead?Click to continue

Why We Succeed: Leadership and Luck

Sometimes, people get lucky. We all know the person who just ends up being in the right place at the right time. We've all heard of the person who strikes it rich overnight with some obscure invention. And there's usually someone that walks away with that multi-million dollar winning lottery ticket in hand. And, when we hear stories like these, it can be quite easy to become envious.Click to continue

Automation: The Key to a Competitive Edge

Just like in any other business, leaders in the mortgage industry are often wary of embracing new technologies. It's human nature to want to do things the way they've always been done. "If it worked for us in the past," we reason, "it will work for us in the future."Click to continue

HECM Protects Non-Borrowing Spouses (Part IX): Fourteen Words

It all came down to the meaning of fourteen words.

The merits hearing in the non-borrowing spouses’ case against HUD—the hearing HUD tried and failed to kill from the start by challenging the spouses’ standing—boiled down to the meaning of a 14-word sentence Congress dropped into a 99-word subsection of HECM law.Click to continue

How Automation Can Keep You in Compliance

For some people, automation is a dirty word in business. Sure, most business leaders are well aware of the benefits of automation in keeping costs down and creating efficient processes. But many people worry that automating business processes will take away jobs from people who could be doing those jobs better. Nothing can replace the human touch, right?Click to continue

Seller Concessions on Final TIL

Question: We are a lender with a question regarding seller concessions at closing and the inclusion of seller paid fees on the final Truth-in-Lending and Itemization of Amount Financed. Perhaps the best way to ask the question is by example. Click to continue

Chasing Lions: Leadership and Risk-Taking

In our industry, risk is often perceived as a bad thing. Indeed, the misapplication of risk in our industry has caused a lot of problems for the economy in recent years. But risk isn't just about funding questionable loans. Risk is more than that ... and it can be a good thing.Click to continue

HECM Protects Non-Borrowing Spouses (Part VIII): Why Widowed Spouses Won Standing Fight

Throwing out the decision of a lower federal court (or any lower court) is a serious matter in our judicial system and, if it must be done at all, a reason or reasons must be given by the higher court.

In July 2011, the D.C. federal district court dismissed the failure-to-protect lawsuit three widowed spouses of HECM borrowers brought against HUD. In September that year when the spouses begged the court to reexamine their case, the court refused.Click to continue

Fight Uncertainty With Clarification

The future of the mortgage industry, as with many others, has never been more uncertain. I always liked the story about the guy looking for his lost car keys in the dark. He heads out of the darkness and begins to look for his keys underneath the street light. His friend approaches him and asks if he thinks he lost his keys under the street light. The man replies, "No, but the light is better here. So, this is where I'm going to look!"Click to continue