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Why We Need to Embrace Uncertainty

In the mortgage industry, even hearing the very word "uncertainty" tends to sends shivers running down our spines. We don't like the be in the dark; we fear the unknown. If we don't have all of the information available to us, how are we supposed to make the right decisions? Uncertainty can be our worst enemy.Click to continue

Mortgage Origination Regulation: The Broker Disadvantage

I've been thinking a lot about the state of mortgage brokers lately. I've seen a great resurgence of the sheer number of brokers within the past several months. Rumors of their death are just that—rumors. I assure you: The mortgage broker is alive and well.Click to continue

How Mortgage Professionals Can Get Involved in the Political Process

Politics can be a difficult subject to discuss in a professional setting. Even people in the mortgage industry have deeply held ideological beliefs that influence what they believe about their own families, foreign affairs, government involvement in private life, and a host of other issues. We tend to steer away from political discussions, then, because we don't want to offend each other. We just want to do our jobs--and we prefer to leave our politics at home where it's safe.Click to continue

What a Republican Majority Means for the Mortgage Industry

Before the elections this past Tuesday, most analysts were predicting that Republicans would likely win the majority of Congress. When the time came, those projections did not disappoint. With 53 seats in the Senate, 247 seats in the House, and even 31 state governorships, we now have the largest Republican majority since World War II.Click to continue

The Job Market and the Mortgage Industry

Recent reports that the jobless claims have been declining significantly have got me thinking about the job market and its impact on the mortgage industry. Of course, the low number of jobless claims could simply mean that people have stopped looking for work. On the other hand, it could mean that they are adapting to the new environment and finding a way to make it work for them.Click to continue

Markets Don't Sleep: The Importance of Paying Attention

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Mortgage Banker's Association (MBA) Annual Convention in Las Vegas. It was a great time, and there was just so much information thrown at me all at once. I got the chance to chat with so many smart people and be introduced to so many exciting technologies. As always, it was a remarkable experience.Click to continue

LOs Aren't Analysts; They're Salespeople

Lately, I've noticed quite a disturbing trend in the industry among loan originators. Many LOs seem to have forgotten their primary function within the organization. Getting lost in number-crunching and financial analysis, it seems may have forgotten that—at the end of the day—they are salespeople.Click to continue

Innovation in the Mortgage Industry: Where Will It Come From?

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in a roundtable discussion about the future of innovation in the mortgage industry. The general consensus was that innovation is occurring and will continue to occur in our industry at a rapid pace. Here's the catch, though--most of it is likely to come from outside the industry.Click to continue

How Clarity Changes Everything

Have you ever spoken to someone who has gotten glasses for the first time? Or, maybe it's someone who has gotten an eye surgery and can see again. When people are able to see things clearly, they're whole worlds change. They start to notice things they've never noticed before. They feel a bit like Dorothy stepping out of her house into the land of Oz.Click to continue