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Status Quo or Making Significant Changes?

Submitted by Tom Ninness on January 05, 2010

A Quote from Lance Armstrong
“Time is limited, so I better wake up every morning fresh and know that I have just one chance to live this particular day right, and to string my days together into a life of action, and purpose.”
Lance Armstrong (1971 – )
American cyclist
7-time winner of the Tour de France
Cancer survivor
In 1996, Armstrong was 25 (and ranked... Read More

FHA Direct Mail Still a Viable Lead Generation Tool for FHA Leads

Submitted by influenced on January 05, 2010

When the FHA guideline changes went into effect in November there were many unknowns about how this would impact FHA direct mail volume. Based on our client feedback, the changes took a few weeks to adjust to however the overall FHA direct mail volume is about that same as it was before the November changes. It is however more important than ever to make sure you are using the most accurate... Read More

We Are All Going Back to School

Submitted by Paul Donohue on January 01, 2010

How long has it been since you had to pass a rigorous test? For me, it had been 14 years since passing the National Association of Mortgage Brokers Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist (CRMS) exam. That obsession to cram, that difficulty sleeping the night before, that vague feeling you've forgotten something, that nervous unsettled stomach in the morning, the dreaded start of the timer... Read More

What Are You Seeing as it Pertains to QC Personnel Experience?

Submitted by Tommy A. Duncan on January 01, 2010

I’ve seen a number of resumes from quality control (QC) professional who state they are underwriters and have performed QC in pass positions. During the interview process, I am amazed of how little they know. When interviewing QC professionals, make sure there is a clear, articulate communication from the QC professional of their definition of QC, underwriting, fraud detection and due... Read More

NMLS and State Testing for Mortgage Professionals

Submitted by James Barnes on December 30, 2009

I have talked with many people on the street about the new national test. I am hearing that more than 60% of the people taking it are not passing it even though they are seasoned mortgage professionals. Most of the comments I'm hearing are that about 35% of the test is on Federal regulations and obscure facts about the regulations.
If you you have taken the test, tell us what was on it... Read More

Monthly Letter from the Publisher: NAMB/WEST, Building Relationships, Mortgage Professional of the Month

Submitted by Andrew T Berman on December 21, 2009


National Mortgage
Professional Magazine
December 2009 - Volume 1 - Issue 8



Abacus Mortgage Training and Education
ACC Mortgage
Byte Mortgage Software
Calyx Software
www.... Read More

Mortgage Direct Mail Snap Packs Still Going Strong

Submitted by influenced on December 15, 2009

Even with the recent FHA changes, we are actually seeing an increase in the mail volume for this month with our mortgage direct mail snap packs. If you would like more information on our mortgage direct mail programs visit

The Secret of Making Tons of Money With a Reverse Mortage Marketing Campaign

Submitted by hfbadvertising on December 09, 2009

Here a several simple steps that you can do to make a ton of money doing reverse mortgage marketing campaign.
Here a re 5 simple steps
1. Get a flyer designed professional print it on nice gloss stock. Check out example.
2. Use the right envelope.
3. Use a chart with numbers to show what the customers will receive. Don't use a sales letter people don't read.
4.... Read More

Texas National LO requirements

Submitted by James Barnes on November 24, 2009

Just confirmed with the State of Texas regarding education requirements. Depending on wheatear you currently hold or have held a mortgage broker or loan originator license in the State of TX the below will apply. Keep in mind that we are dealing with the state and they can make any changes at any time.
* If an LO has never been licensed in Texas he or she will have to take the 20... Read More

Monthly Letter from the Publisher: MBA Convention, 40 under 40, Growth in 2010

Submitted by Andrew T Berman on November 16, 2009


My perspective on the MBA Annual Convention … some bad news and some good news
This year's Mortgage Bankers Association Annual Convention in San Diego had a great vibe in the air, reminiscent of better times in this industry (sans overspending on gaudy and lavish parties). It's no wonder since the MBA figures that this year, mortgage originations are projected to be at almost $2... Read More