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I got him to do it!

Submitted by Andrew T Berman on June 17, 2009

I want to tell you about an upcoming webinar that I think you’ll want to be on. BTW- There’s no charge – Just whatever long distance fees you have but it’s an on-line class so you’ll want to be near a computer.
The past two years have been a very challenging time in our industry – but I’m sure that’s not a newsflash to you. Yet I still hear from many of our subscribers that they are... Read More

Obama’s Loan Modification & Mortgage Refinance Plan can be benificial

Submitted by mortgagerefinan... on June 12, 2009

US President Barack Obama’s bailout plan is seemingly creating a surge of hope among worried homeowners in the US right now. It is touted as the top solution to stop foreclosure rates from success alarming heights. However, is the bailout plan really the solution to your debt problems? Is this the much-needed solution to the loan modification needs of homeowners everywhere? Was it really... Read More