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The Trees in the Forest: Revealing the Big Picture

Submitted by David Lykken on June 13, 2017Have you ever heard the expression, “You can't see the forest for the trees?” I've always thought that it's a great little metaphorical statement about our tendency to get so lost in the details that we lose sight of the big picture. When you're standing next to a few trees, you just don't have that higher-level view that let's you know that you're actually standing in a forest. In the same way,... Read More

News From NAMB: June 8, 2017

Submitted by John Councilman on June 08, 2017Top Story: CFPB Opens Up Ability to Repay Rule The CFPB is assessing the Ability to Repay rule, also known as the Qualified Mortgage rule, they released in January of 2014.  Under the rule, we have a 43% ratio that essentially only applies to private industry loans and a 3% cap that really only applies to mortgage brokers because of all of the exemptions.  This is your opportunity to comment. ... Read More

How to Get Buy-In From Employees on Your Business Process

Submitted by David Lykken on June 08, 2017Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm a big proponent of business process improvement. In my consulting work with leaders in the mortgage industry, I always make ironing out the business process the top priority. That being said, there are some challenges that come with revamping a business process. Perhaps the greatest challenge of them all is getting the cooperation of employees. Although... Read More

News From NAMB: June 2, 2017

Submitted by John Councilman on June 02, 2017Top Story: Fed Steps in; Busts Appraiser Rules The pressure from various areas of the country to get appraisals in a timely fashion at a reasonable price has been heard in DC.  The Federal Reserve and other bank regulators have decided to temporarily set aside state appraisal laws in certain areas.  The advisory would allow appraisers credentialed in one state to provide their services on a... Read More

How a More Efficient Process Reduces Turnover

Submitted by David Lykken on June 01, 2017When I consult with leaders in the mortgage industry, I typically am sure to cover at least two topics: people and processes. Any organization that can both create an efficiently running process, as well as attract and develop the best people, is sure to achieve a great amount of success. In my experience, these two factors alone can determine whether an organization succeeds or fails. However,... Read More

"Built by Originators for Originators"—Creating an Everlasting Legacy

Submitted by Paul Lucido on May 26, 2017How many times have you heard some corporate executive on social media or YouTube drone on about how “Great” their company culture is?   Whenever you hear someone speak about company culture they are usually referring to a set of principles, behaviors or actions that have been fostered over a significant period. As I have written in past blogs, culture is not Big Bang Theory. There is a great... Read More

News From NAMB: May 26, 2017

Submitted by John Councilman on May 26, 2017Top Story: Battle Over CFPB Existence Began Yesterday The CFPB and PHH are locked in a death spiral that can only end in one or even both sides taking a severe hit or even being killed off. PHH is showing huge losses so they could dissolve before this case is finished. The CFPB Director could be fired and a pro-business Director appointed as a result of the case. PHH is even calling for the... Read More

Training: The Secret to Helping Employees Learn a New Process

Submitted by David Lykken on May 23, 2017I'm a big fan of improving business processes. When I talk to leaders in the mortgage industry, it's one of the first subjects I bring up. How does your business process look? If I get a “deer-in-the-headlights” look from them when I ask this question, I know that's where we need to start. Creating a more robust and efficient business process can solve nearly every problem an organization... Read More

News From NAMB: May 18, 2017

Submitted by John Councilman on May 18, 2017Top Story
CFPB Goes After Zillow
The CFPB used to be buddies with Zillow. Just this year, the CFPB paid Zillow to find more information about the homebuying experience. Then, the CFPB started telling real estate agents that Zillow’s Premiere Agent program may be illegal. Now, Zillow reveals that the CFPB has been investigating them for RESPA violations for nearly two years.  The furor... Read More

The Importance of Planning in Your Business Process

Submitted by David Lykken on May 17, 2017When I consult with leaders in the mortgage industry, one of my key areas of focus is business processes. Determining who is responsible for what areas and how each step in the process feeds into the next is essential for building a functional organization. As I help leaders build flow charts to map out how their organizations can function most efficiently, I can sense the excitement building in... Read More