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Andrew T. Berman's blog

We need your help!

We need your help

 Thank you all for the wonderful thoughts and prayers you've send to the NMP team and their families. Some of us have taken on some property damage, but it's all stuff that can be replaced.Click to continue

Ability-to-Repay, Back to School with SAFE Act CE, and so much more in this issue

SAFE Act, Continuing Education, Certification on the Cover for September 2011

In this month’s issue on page 6, our compliance expert, Jonathan Foxx of Lenders Compliance Group, takes a deeper look at the Federal Reserve Board’s ability-to-repay Rule, breaking down the options we have under the Rule and providing insightful comments on this very hot button topic. Jonathan also provides a handy reference chart highlighting scenarios where the ability-to-repay Rule is applicable and how to maintain compliance with the Rule.Click to continue

September 2011 Issue - SAFE Act Compliance, CE and more13.16 MB

Post LO Comp Implementation Blog Post from Anonymous MLO

Bag Over Head

I recently received another message from an anonymous sender that we call "The Loan A-Ranger." See what the implimentation of the loan originator compensation has done to his pricing.Click to continue

Article From an Anonymous MLO Sharing His Comp Plan

Bag Over Head

I recently received the following in my Inbox from an anonymous sender. For the sake of this article, we'll just call him "The Loan A-Ranger." I am expecting more and more of our readers to have similar reactions to the loan originator compensation rule as the April 1, 2011 enforcement date draws near. Please e-mail your thoughts to so that I can share your reactions with our audience. Your identity will be fully protected. Here are some thoughts from The Loan A-Ranger:Click to continue

Mortgage Banker's Compensation Strategy Exposed!

Benchmark's compensation strategy video

I wanted to share with you some insights on how one of our supporters and one of the Country's top mortgage bankers is finding a way to work with the LO Compensation rule changes. They exposed their compensation strategy to the public in the videos below. 

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