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David Rasmussen

Veros Enhances Its Sapphire Valuation Management Platform


Veros Real Estate Solutions has announced enhanced features to its property valuation management platform, Sapphire, that provides lenders with the ability to simplify and enrich their valuation review process, while enhancing their vendor management capabilities. Click to continue

VeroVALUE From Veros Added to Calyx Point


Veros Real Estate Solutions has been integrated into San Jose, Calif.-based Calyx Software’s Point software. Through the integration, Veros provides immediate access to VeroVALUE and other respected AVMs for Point users, along with formulated AVM cascades that use popular industry AVMs in succession to increase user hit rates.Click to continue

Why Lenders Relying on the 4Cs of Automated Review Thrive

Computer Interface Pic

Lenders using the 4Cs of automated appraisal review are thriving. Technology is not taking the place of qualified human reviewers; instead the 4Cs are better aligning operations for efficient, consistent and more compliant review. At Veros, we define the “4Cs” through the four primary components of VeroSCORE: Completeness, Compliance, Credibility and Complexity. Let’s take a look at how applying a technology-based focus on those four critical areas of the appraisal are providing valuation teams with tremendous lift in operational efficiency.Click to continue

Putting Customer Service Atop Your Vendor Checklist


We all expect stellar customer service, but have been trained over the years through circular phone trees, disconnections, language barriers, and scripted responses by uninformed personnel that customer support calls sometimes provide just the opposite experience. Thankfully, we’ve learned from the culmination of those experiences to check Web sites like Yelp! for reviews, or searching Google for insights before locking ourselves into contracts.Click to continue

Technology to Manage Today and Prepare for Tomorrow

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Technology has a number of driving forces that spur development at different points in time, but today, most mortgage industry professionals would agree that no force is stronger than a lender’s need to meet compliance expectations.Click to continue

Creating Policy is Only Half the Battle

Rules and regulations books on a shelf

It’s starting to happen: The audits, compliance reviews and vendor assessments. From top to bottom, the industry is seeing regulators and investors make good on the promise of investigating lender compliance with the advisories published over the last five years. It’s a day lenders knew would be coming, so there shouldn’t be much of a surprise here, but that doesn't mean lenders are fully prepared.Click to continue

Make Your CTO Your Ally


Whether your company staffs a chief risk officer, chief appraiser or director of valuations, there's an office where the proverbial “buck” stops on collateral valuation issues. In today’s world, where valuation regulations and expectations have been redefined, we can point to numerous situations in which change has needed to occur quickly and has required technology to get there. Enter the CTO.Click to continue

Veros Updates its VeroSCORE Appraisal Risk Scoring Tool


Veros has announced an update to its appraisal risk scoring tool, VeroSCORE. The updates focus on the complexity of the appraisal assignment and include several new scoring factors within the tool’s credibility score component to help lenders better assess appraisal risk. “Automating appraisal review in a safe and judicious manner requires the ability to understand the overall complexity of an appraisal assignment,” said David Rasmussen, senior vice president of operations for Veros.Click to continue

New PATHWAY Technology From Veros to Provide Fannie Mae Appraisal Messages

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Veros Real Estate Solutions has announced its PATHWAY solution is ready to deliver Fannie Mae’s proprietary appraisal messages when the GSE activates them on Jan. 28th. The messages are part of Fannie Mae’s program to provide specific feedback on appraisals submitted to the Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP), a GSE requirement prior to loan submission that allows data checking on valuations before full loan files are received.Click to continue

Understanding AVM Cascades for Compliance and Efficiency


If you watched the 2012 Olympics, you already know something about valuation cascades, even if you didn’t realize it. A number of events involve multi-layered judging criteria, including diving, gymnastics or dressage. The realm of automated valuation model (AVM) cascades is similar, though obviously more complex, in execution. After careful review of performance by weighting various metrics, an AVM “cascade” is the identification of the best performer for the first, second and third (valuation) positions … or Gold, Silver and Bronze if you will.Click to continue