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The Huffington Post

Justice Department Planning to Announce Financial Crisis Charges

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is preparing to announce new cases related to the economic meltdown in the coming months as the Justice Department nears decisions on a number of probes involving large financial firms, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Why the Fed Fears Higher Mortgage Rates

If you're wondering where mortgage rates are headed you're not alone. It used to be that mortgage rates reflected supply and demand but that's no longer the case. 

Fannie, Freddie Masking Billions of Dollars In Losses: Internal Report

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are masking billions of dollars losses because of the level of delinquent home loans they carry, a federal watchdog said in an internal report, and it said the companies should be required immediately to recognize the costs of some bad mortgages.

JPMorgan Investors Shrug Off 27 Days Of Bad Press In Single Quarter

No wonder JPMorgan Chase is too big to fail: It's squeezing at least two very different banks inside one. One bank is an (alleged!) serial troublemaker constantly being hassled by the authorities. The other is a can't-miss trading wizard beloved by investors.

JPMorgan Chase Investors Aren't Too Worried About Regulatory Woes

If it's Thursday, it must mean that JPMorgan Chase is in some kind of trouble again. This has become such a common thing that JPMorgan investors hardly bother to care any more.

Senators Ask Why JPMorgan Execs Won't Be Punished for Involvement in FERC Investigation

Two Democratic Senators on Wednesday asked U.S. energy regulators for more details on how terms of a settlement were reached on alleged power market manipulation in California and the Midwest by a unit of JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Former Bear Stearns Executives Seemingly Unscathed By Financial Crisis They Helped Trigger

Before Lehman crashed, there was “The Bear.” Bear Stearns, once the nation’s fifth-largest investment bank, had been a fixture on Wall Street since 1923 and had survived the crash of 1929 without laying off any employees.

400,000 Foreclosure Settlement Checks Sent to Wrong Address

Like millions of Americans who tried to stave off foreclosure in recent years, Lanette Worles says her bank repeatedly lost vital paperwork she submitted, scuttling her chance at saving her home.

Expected Decline in Mortgage Lending to Hurt Big Banks' Profits

Unexpectedly large quarterly profits at JPMorgan Chase & Co and Wells Fargo & Co hide a more worrisome forecast for the rest of the year for many U.S. banks. Things could get worse before they get any better.

JPMorgan Review Finds Mistakes In Debt-Collection Lawsuits: WSJ

JPMorgan Chase & Co made mistakes while suing thousands of its credit card customers over non-payments, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing the bank's internal review of its debt-collection process.