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Lykken on Leadership: Creating a Winning Culture ... Charisma

Business Handshake/Credit: Creatas Images

He quietly approaches the lectern as the crowd of thousands looks on to hear the business mogul pass on his advice to the next generation. He is wearing a robe to match the others with whom he shares a stage, but they are used to seeing him in blue jeans. He begins to speak.Click to continue

MBA Recognizes New Commercial/Multifamily Future Leaders Program


The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) has recognized 17 of the best and brightest mortgage professionals in a graduation ceremony for MBA’s inaugural Commercial/Multifamily (C/MF) Future Leaders Program. MBA's C/MF Future Leaders Program delivers a comprehensive leadership training experience for selected participants through three events offered throughout the year.Click to continue

Why We Succeed: Leadership and Luck

Sometimes, people get lucky. We all know the person who just ends up being in the right place at the right time. We've all heard of the person who strikes it rich overnight with some obscure invention. And there's usually someone that walks away with that multi-million dollar winning lottery ticket in hand. And, when we hear stories like these, it can be quite easy to become envious.Click to continue

Motivational Tips for Fostering Successful Leadership Traits

Leadership Pic/Copyright: Getty Images/Credit: Jupiterimages

By now, you have probably read a few books on leadership, management, delegation and tiers, among other topics. But there are still some pieces that are not matching the puzzle you have. What exactly does a good leader do? Exactly that: Lead. You manage time and tasks, but lead people. People don’t want to be managed, people want to be lead … some by the hand, while others by just pointing at the direction they should be heading.Click to continue

Leadership in the Shadow of Crisis


Leading after the crisis, is often times more difficult than leading through a crisis. In the midst of crisis, everyone pulls together and rallies the troops to make it through unscathed. Leadership after crisis is utopic, as it is scrutinized under the microscope. In hindsight, fingers are easily pointed, and “should haves” are abundant.Click to continue

Great Leaders Need Great Coaches

The quest to become a better leader never ends. Those who want to be at the top of their game will never stop improving. We often think of leaders as the people who teach us and serve as a model for us to follow. But the best leaders will themselves seek out teachers and models by which to live their lives and improve their work.Click to continue

Accountability in Leadership

I speak and write a lot about the "softer" side of leadership—developing the right characteristics and attitudes that make you a better leader in the mortgage industry. And, as I shift more of my focus into coaching, I'm seeing the development of these traits in leadership become more and more important in determining the success of the company.Click to continue

Is All Conflict Bad?

We typically see conflict as a bad thing. When employees are fighting with one another, whether it's about a personal disagreement or something to do with their work, it can be quite an obstacle. Productivity declines and, more important, the organizational culture can suffer dramatically. Of course, we don't want our people to be fighting. There's no question about that.Click to continue

Successful Behavior: It All Boils Down to Focus

I spend a lot of time thinking and studying about what makes people successful. My very livelihood centers around how mortgage leaders can steer their companies toward success, so it's a very important issue to me. Much of what I've written about focuses on the traits and characteristics of leaders. For this article, I would like to focus on one important behavior for successful leadership.Click to continue

Vendor Education: Providing Your Partners with What They Need

When we think of education in the mortgage industry, we often think of internal education. That is, we think of providing education for our employees so that they may better serve our customers. We place a great deal of importance on getting the appropriate certifications and qualifications for those in our company. But that isn't the only education that matters ...Click to continue