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Finding Your Leadership Edge

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Every day, talented and accomplished leaders struggle because they’re too stressed, too stretched or too tired of sacrificing. As a result, many businesses are losing their leaders, and many leaders are losing themselves. They don’t know how to achieve success without sacrificing their quality of life. Fortunately, there is another way to be successful as a leader in today’s world that is more thoughtful, more strategic, and more reflective. In fact, you can learn to lead in a way that preserves your talent while enhancing your quality of life.Click to continue

Leadership vs. Management: The Key to Success in 2013

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Many pundits in business have long deliberated on the differences between leadership and management. Leadership, many presume, is about inspiring people. It's about practicing what you preach and setting an example that others will follow on their own volition. Management, on the other hand, is about directing people to accomplish a desired outcome. This involves setting and enforcing guidelines in order to ensure that things get done. Both managers and leaders are needed in business and every great business executive will play both roles.Click to continue

Hammerhouse Seeking Respondents to Survey on Critical Industry Issues


Hammerhouse LLC has released its Third Annual Survey of Originator Opinion, which seeks out originators for their opinions on critical issues facing the mortgage industry and impacting their job performance.Click to continue

Caliber Funding Names Tammy Richards SVP of Operations


Caliber Funding LLC has announced that it has appointed Tammy Richards as its new senior vice president of operations. Richards has more than 30 years of leadership experience in mortgage banking and extensive expertise in process improvement, quality management, technology and leadership development. In her new role she is responsible for overseeing Caliber's processing, underwriting, closing, credit and appraisal departments across all channels of the organization. Richards reports directly to Caliber President Jim Ferriter.Click to continue

LoanSifter Adds Sue Stewart as VP of Client Services


LoanSifter Inc. has announced the hiring of Sue Stewart as vice president of client services. With a 30-year track record of successfully running mortgage companies, Stewart’s vast industry knowledge coupled with her strong technology background will be leveraged to support LoanSifter’s growing products and client base.Click to continue

Leadership Needed in Our Next President


It's about that time again. It's the moment of truth—not just for a couple of politicians seeking the Holy Grail of their political careers, but also for the citizens of our beloved country. More than the presidential candidates demonstrating their values as leaders, we the people are demonstrating our values as followers. We are telling them how we want to be led. The question we need to ask ourselves is: "Are we telling them the right things?"Click to continue

Managing for the Future

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The future ... in this industry, it is very hard for someone to see. There are so many obstacles that a manager has to deal with on a daily basis that it is difficult to see two inches in front of them. Yet, seeing the future is an imperative part of managing. Some would say that long-term vision is the main difference between a manager and a leader. Today, there it is more important than ever to have a long-term vision as a leader in this industry.Click to continue

Leadership: People Join Companies. They Leave People.

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When many of us hear the word, "leader," we confuse the term with manager, boss, supervisor or other leadership titles. The fact is, having a leadership title doesn't make someone a leader. We've all worked for people anointed with leadership titles who have absolutely no leadership skills. We've also worked with people who, after three days on the job, seem to have extraordinary leadership potential, and naturally know how to lead through example and inspiration.Click to continue

Lessons on Leadership Learned From Gettysburg


I just returned from spending two-and-a-half days in Gettysburg, Pa. attending a Campus MBA leadership event that was conducted literally on the grounds of the Battle at Gettysburg, an event put on by the Lincoln Leadership Institute of Gettysburg, in conjunction with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). Over the course of my 37-year career in the mortgage industry, I have attended many outstanding training/educational sessions and heard many great speakers.Click to continue

Want to Recruit Successfully? Then Start Talking About the Right Things

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I get the following question in some shape or form just about every month from my clients who are managers … “I am trying to grow my company, but it is tough to lure top producers, and even the lower-level producers just want to hear about our commission plan. How can I start a meaningful conversation with viable candidates?”Click to continue