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The Ultimate Guide to Handling Sales Objections


Poor handling of leads can account for as much as 60 percent of fallout. “Objection handling” is searched more than 6,600 times per month on Google, showing this as a main area of concern for sales professionals. Developing strategies to handle objections can increase your earnings while improving your skills. We identified four core reasons that a prospect is likely to object and strategies for overcoming them.Click to continue

Do You Have a Strategy to Generate Purchase Loans?

Target Marketing Pic

As we get through the first quarter of 2014, I think it’s pretty clear refinances are not coming back anytime soon. Over the last seven years, I’ve consulted countless mortgage companies, including individual branches, specifically on profitability. What I’m seeing today is that some companies are trying to cut their expenses in order restore profitability. But we all know what the real issue is … it’s getting more loans and the challenge becomes how do we do it and where do we start?Click to continue

Taking the Lead: Marketing Liberation


Are you tired of relying on real estate agent referrals for your livelihood? It doesn't have to be that way. It shouldn't be that way … there are other ways. In fact, my entire business was built without ever soliciting an agent. You can do the same.

Donuts and coffee
We are told that the key to mortgage success is simple; get the most agents. Grab the donuts, the coffee and pound the pavement kid.Click to continue

Compliance and Marketing 2013: Safely Growing Your Business and the Safest New Marketing Strategy!

Compliance Pic/Credit: Phil_Ashley

If you have ever done a significant amount of marketing, you have probably ran into or heard of others running into problems with compliance (hoops to jump through to keep your marketing compliant). The mortgage industry and your marketing strategy are heavily regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and now the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).Click to continue

Coffee, Tea or Bank?


There are many choices for a prospective loan officer (LO) in this industry. First, they can choose whether to work for a bank, independent mortgage company, net branch or broker. Then, they can choose whether to be a “street LO,” work on “inbound” leads with a company that advertises, or work inside a real estate office, a builder site or a bank branch. Even when they arrive at their designated locale, they will have plenty of choices as to how they will go about their business, such as purchasing leads or becoming a referral-based LO.Click to continue

Want to Recruit Successfully? Then Start Talking About the Right Things

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I get the following question in some shape or form just about every month from my clients who are managers … “I am trying to grow my company, but it is tough to lure top producers, and even the lower-level producers just want to hear about our commission plan. How can I start a meaningful conversation with viable candidates?”Click to continue

Finding and Attracting Good Customers is All About Preparation

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Growing your business is essential, and finding those perfect prospects can be extremely difficult. The benefits of having a reliable marketing campaign are having the ability to grow at your own rate, and plan for the future no matter where the mortgage industry takes you. The following three factors MUST be considered before setting out to accomplish this task.Click to continue

NMP Mortgage Professional of the Month: Raymond Bartreau, Founder and CEO of Best Rate Referrals and


Each month, National Mortgage Professional Magazine will focus on one of the industry's top players in our "Mortgage Professional of the Month" feature. Our readers are encouraged to contact us by e-mail at to be considered for a future "Mortgage Professional of the Month" feature article.Click to continue

Make Real Estate Agents Your Soldiers!


The age-long question of, “the best way to gain and keep relationships with real estate agents” is becoming more obvious … you must give them business to get their business. Of course it isn’t as simple as it sounds. It takes strategic planning, research and the right relationships to help you achieve this goal.Click to continue

New Communications Tool Designed to Streamline LO Operations

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Mortech has announced the release of the new Marksman Communication Package, designed to help loan officers shorten response times to leads and streamline overall communication with borrowers. The Marksman Communication Package offers a new line of features to mortgage originators, increasing live phone interaction with customers, without the need to add additional, expensive technology or equipment.Click to continue