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Taking the Lead: Marketing Liberation


Are you tired of relying on real estate agent referrals for your livelihood? It doesn't have to be that way. It shouldn't be that way … there are other ways. In fact, my entire business was built without ever soliciting an agent. You can do the same.

Donuts and coffee
We are told that the key to mortgage success is simple; get the most agents. Grab the donuts, the coffee and pound the pavement kid.Click to continue

Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Get More Clients with LinkedIn

Social Media Buzzwords

It is a fact that LinkedIn is the world’s largest, most comprehensive professional network. With more than 200 million subscribers, LinkedIn adds two new profiles every second. The clients that you need to do business with are on LinkedIn.

It is a fact that studies indicate that mortgage professionals who implement proven LinkedIn sales and marketing strategies have grown their originations by more than 30 percent. Some of my students have even doubled their origination volume within just 12 months of implementing these proven techniques.Click to continue

Say It Visually Releases Comprehensive Real Estate Explanation Video Library


The hardest challenge in content marketing is providing quality content that meets consumer needs and interests. Real estate agencies and marketers now have some help: Say It Visually’s Real Estate Explanations Library, a collection of more than 100 short videos from the company’s licensing subsidiary, Fast Forward Stories. The new library addresses a broad range of questions for real estate consumers, while giving real estate agents and marketers low-cost, ready-to-share video content with their own branding and information.  Click to continue

Using Social Media to Grow Your Business is Something You Can Do


Thanks to the rapid expansion of social media, getting the word out on the Internet about your company or business is easier than ever and is something that you, or someone in your office, can do for free. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+, among others, are all tools you can use without cost right now to interact with new prospects and existing clients as well as to drive those prospects and clients to your Web site.Click to continue

Social Media Reaches the Mortgage Industry


Your customers are active people that want real-time information about the mortgage market. Social networking allows your company to get your message across quickly, and with easy-to-master tools. Merriam Webster defines social media as “Forms of electronic communication (as Web sites for social networking and micro blogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (as videos).”Click to continue

Lykken on Leadership: What Were You Thinking When You Posted That?


We love our social media sites for many reasons, but have you noticed how comfortable we all have become with sharing information? The word “transparency” is taking on a whole new meaning. We “share” where we are, what we just did, are doing or about to do. We “share” those impromptu-taken on-the-go pics, we share what we just ate, where we ate and what we thought about it. We even share what we are thinking. You name it; we are “sharing” via social media just about everything under the sun with our online community.Click to continue

Building a Social Media Fan Base From Scratch


The mere act of putting up a social media page does not guarantee traffic. You can create a killer business page on Facebook, post every day and even get some comments—only to find that after months of effort, fewer than 50 people “Like” your page, which has yet to drive any measurable new business. What we stress to our clients is that it is important to build a strong base of followers as quickly as possible, incentivize them to get more people involved and actively engage with them long-term.Click to continue

The Frenzy is Here to Stay

Social Media Pic

Just thinking about the term “social media” alone can be a little overwhelming. There is Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. ... almost every day, something new pops up and with it, a new account to open, new connections to add, someone to friend, tag or pin, pictures to post, advertising to inform the Internet world of your expertise and on and on and on.Click to continue

NMP Mortgage Professional of the Month: Danny Nicolo, President and CEO of Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Bankers


Each month, National Mortgage Professional Magazine will focus on one of the industry's top players in our "Mortgage Professional of the Month" feature. Our readers are encouraged to contact us by e-mail at to be considered for a future "Mortgage Professional of the Month" feature article.Click to continue

Getting the Word Out: Leveraging Public Relations and Social Media to Promote Your Expertise Locally

Megaphone/Credit: Creatas

Referrals are the lifeblood of any successful mortgage firm and mortgage professional. Do right by a homebuyer, illustrate expertise in navigating the mortgage system, and credibility is built with the client. “Use my guy,” says the client to family, friends and co-workers. “He really knows his stuff.”Click to continue