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CFPB Door Mystery

Who’s Afraid of the CFPB?

This July marks the fifth anniversary of the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act, which set forth the creation of the

RESPA Mortgage Application

RESPA’s “Required Use”

Question: Our state banking department has cited us for a violation of RESPA, because we did not comply with RESPA’s “Required Use” provisions. What is “Required Use” and how can we avoid this violation in the future?

Google Mobile-Friendly Sites

Eight of the Top 20 Mortgage Lenders Fail Google's Mobile Friendliness Test

With less than one week to go before Google rolls out a significant change to its mobile search algorithm, eight of the

Pro-Foreclosure Bondholders Square Off Against Pro-Loan Mod Ocwen

There is a nasty, public fight going on that pits struggling homeowners, many in low income and minority communities who need mortgage modifications to help them avoid foreclosure, against some big Wall Street investors who own the bonds backed by those mortgages w

Lykken on Leadership: The Seven Steps to Becoming a Better Communicator

When I speak with leaders in the mortgage industry about the challenges with which they grapple on a daily basis, there are several things that come to mind. Of course, I hear a great deal about adapting to the regulatory environment.

NMP's Economic Commentary: The Best of ALL Worlds Revisited

A few months ago, we proposed a possible scenario in which we could witness the “best of all worlds.” In this case, we were referring to a stronger economy and continued low interest rates.

NMP's Mortgage Professional of the Month: Donna DelMonte, StreetLinks Lender Solutions

Donna DelMonte has more than 20 years experience in the mortgage industry.

The CFPB’s Future and the Bureau’s Impact on the Credit Reporting Industry

The battle over the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureaus’ (CFPB) leadership and funding is now raging.

Featured Industry Leader: Theresa Castellano, Executive Director of the New Mexico Association of Mortgage Professionals

Before Theresa Castellano joined the

Featured Industry Leader: Charles DiPino Jr., President of the Maryland Association of Mortgage Professionals

Charles DiPino Jr. is senior vice president of New Penn Financial, based in Columbia, Md.


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