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Featured Industry Leader: E. Robert Levy

Running a mortgage industry trade association is a challenge unto itself.

Featured Industry Leader: Nathan S. Pierce, President of the Utah Association of Mortgage Professionals

Nathan S.

Featured Industry Leader: Brady Webb, President of the Kentucky Association of Mortgage Professionals

Brady Webb is president of Louisville, Ky.-based

The Long and Short of Short Sales: Better Details Needed for FHA's Back to Work Program and Conventional "Extenuating Circumstances"

For past short sellers who have gone through the loss of a home and are eligible to return, criteria needed for a new mortgage is vague. The result is a partial story.

NMP’s Legends of Lending: A Portrait of DocMagic

On the company Web site,

Leadership = Tap Dancing Goldfish

Have you ever tried to teach a goldfish to tap dance?

No, that would be an incredibly stupid waste of time.

NMP's Economic Commentary: Bad News is Good News

There is no doubt that the expression, "I have good news and bad news," should be changed a bit for our present day economic situation. For years, we have been hoping for good economic news as we worked our way up from a deep recession and tepid recovery.

Forging New Paths in the Mortgage Market

Take the lead by working with underserved populations

Disparate Treatment

Question: We have been cited by our regulator for disparate treatment. The matter is with our attorneys.

Do You Have Talented Managers on Board?

In a world full of market jargon and business ideology, the characteristics of a great leader can seem rather nebulous.


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