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Prepare for Unconventional Conventional Lending

Conventional lending covers a wide swath of the residential mortgage industry, as it includes both fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages, conforming and non-conforming loans and nearly everything else that isn’t guaranteed by the U.S. government.

New Partnerships Post Dodd-Frank—Third-Party Mortgage Origination

The mortgage lending environment has changed dramatically since the introduction of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and the Consumer Protection Act in 2010. Add in “Know Before You Owe” (also known as TRID) to the mix and you have a compliance department’s worst nightmare.

Carpe Diem: How Digital Origination Strategies Can Support the Broker-to-Banker Transition

For brokers looking to make the transition into mortgage banking, the timing couldn’t be better.

Planning Ahead for the Impacts and Risks of HMDA

The CFPB’s Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) changes mandate that new or modified data points be collected during the residential mortgage loan origination process, and require more frequent reporting than many lenders have had to do in the past.

Two Key Solutions Will Create a New Market Opportunity for Wholesale Lenders

With just two strategic modifications to their processes, wholesale lenders have the potential to unlock a vast new market opportunity.

Reverse Occupancy

Question: As a result of an internal audit, we just found out about two reverse occupancies. It turns out that our investors were already aware of this happening and were about to send us repurchase requests.

Lykken on Leadership: How to Build an Unstoppable Leadership Team

Great leadership is often the deciding factor in whether an organization achieves extraordinary success or miserable failure. But all too often when we think of leadership, we hold too narrow a definition of what we mean. We may know the CEOs of several organizations.

Compliance Education for Today’s Mortgage Professional

Compliance requirements have reached new heights in recent years, impacting virtually everyone involved in mortgage lending regardless of job function/responsibility. As a result, effective compliance training has become an ever increasing challenge to the various stakeholders in the industry.

The Millennial Mindset

When I was approached about writing an article from the “Millennial” perspective explaining my thoughts on the mortgage industry, buying a house, taking out loans, etc., my response was, “What thoughts?”

Certification Is a Must

Regulatory mandates are increasing and it doesn’t appear that the climate will change soon. This is both good and bad news. The good news is that many regulations exist to protect the borrower, and others to protect the broader United States financial system.


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