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Lykken on Leadership: The Six "Ps" of Building a Solid Leadership Team

There are many characteristics that are vital to becoming a great leader, and I've written about them before in great detail.

Do You Know the Business You Are “Really” In?

We all think we are in the "mortgage business," but the truth is that no one really wants a mortgage. No one I know will ever wake up in the morning and say "Wow … I want a mortgage today!"

Recruiting, Training and Mentoring Corner: Technology and Management

Much has been written about the fact that the mortgage industry has been slow to implement technology as compared to other industries. The truth is technology has affected just about every part of our industry, even if we have not been on the cutting edge.

Operation VA SITREP: Your VA Situation Report ... Veteran Housing Discrimination


Step Inside Ginnie Mae: The Ginnie Mae Model

The simple but strong business model that Ginnie Mae has built highlights the power of the federal government and the private sector working together.

Five Mortgage Pains That Technology Can Cure

People are pretty adaptive. So much so, that we get used to things so quickly—impressive, innovative things—that they don’t wow us for long.

OrigiNation: Real Estate Industry Lacking Regulation?

I’m sure many would agree that the residential mortgage industry is now one of the most regulated industries on the planet. We all know of the good and bad changes along with unintended consequences, etc.

Lions and Tigers and Bears … Oh My!

So many rules and regulations … how do you follow the Yellow Brick Road to Compliance?

In Hockey and Software Development, Avoid Offside

Recently, I started a series of articles in National Mortgage Professional Magazine where I relate my exploits in the mortgage technology business to the game I play in my free time.

Featured Industry Leader: Everett Ives, Director, San Antonio Chapter, Texas Association of Mortgage Professionals

Everett Ives was a founding member and a director of the now-defunct Texas Association of Mortgage Bro


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