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Ocwen Gets Little Credit for Helping Homeowners, Wall Street Report Says

Ocwen Financial Corporation may be getting an unfair bad rap

Potential Homebuyers and Drive to "Get Credit Right" Prompts Florida Mortgage Broker to Open Web Site

Make no mistake, the economy appears to be roaring back!

CFPB: Focus on Deceptive Advertising

Question: I have heard of recent CFPB’s enforcement actions involving deceptive advertising claims. Can you provide me with more detail?

Recruitment: How to Attract the Very Best

As 2015 arrives, many of us will be thinking about the key areas in which we can grow our business. One of the obvious ways to grow a mortgage business is by hiring talented, motivated originators.

The Elite Performer: Stop Comparing the Impossible

Human nature causes us to compare ourselves to other people, either intentionally or unintentionally.

NMP's Economic Commentary: A Look Ahead … and Behind

Before we look ahead at 2015, we should first take a look back and see what happened in 2014.

RESPA/TILA Integration: The Rest of the Story …

Today, the lending industry is abuzz with all the preparations necessary to implement Integrated Disclosures under RESPA/TILA this coming August. As well we should be, after all this is only going to change the way we’ve done business for the last 30 years.

How to Tap the “House-Buying Generation”

If you think about your future as a mortgage lender, you should be thinking about the generation of Millennials—and thinking about them a lot.

Total Interest Percentage or TIP

Question: Recently, I learned that the new TILA/RESPA disclosure is going to have a disclosure term, called TIP. We already have the APR, why now do we need yet another interest rate disclosure? What is this TIP and how is it calculated?

Robust Risk Management: The Cornerstone of a Strong Mortgage Lending Industry

While no industry is immune to fraud, few have as many vulnerabilities for fraudsters to exploit as the mortgage lending industry.


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