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The Right Investment in Learning

For the past eight years, building mortgage talent within the mortgage industry has been a roller coaster ride. It started with increased regulatory requirements followed by the bottom dropping out of the talent pool with the recession.

E-Sign and Enforcing Electronic Signatures

Question: We recognize the requirements of E-Sign. One subject of discussion has been its role in contractually binding our financial institution in mortgage loan originations, especially in the area of consumer disclosures. How valid are electronic signatures?

NMP Next: The Impact of Social Networks: It’s What’s Next

Summertime used to mean a retreat from the world for some much needed rest and relaxation. People would disappear to some beach or forest retreat and take a paperback novel with them—printed on actual paper.

Surviving the Social Media Sphere

In today’s challenging and competitive mortgage industry, social media is not an option–it is a requirement to survive in the business world.

How Using Social Media Live Streaming Can Generate More Leads

With the skyrocketing popularity of live video broadcasting, the year 2016 has confirmed that video content is king on social media. Companies across the globe are increasingly using the technology to reach fans, support customers and generate leads in innovative new ways.

Why Loan Officers Leave: Recruiting and Retention in the Mortgage Industry

As national sales manager for Castle & Cooke Mortgage, I have the opportunity to travel the country, meeting one-on-one with branch managers and loan originators in our extensive footprint, while scouting potential markets for expansion.

Don’t Let Fear Impede Your Social Business Strategy

The power of social media to develop business relationships is undeniable. Yet the mortgage industry has been slow to embrace it because of regulatory risk and fear of ever-changing technologies.

Negative Equity: Effects, Data and Solutions

Last week, after years of research, I wrote a paper that detailed the urgent need for a refinance for negative equity or “underwater” non-Fannie Mae, non-Freddie Mac first mortgages, second mortgages and home equity lines of credit (HELOC)1 where no refinance

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page … The Right Way

If you are trying to use social media to build your mortgage business, the question is no longer, “Why I should create a Fan Page on Facebook?” You know you need a Fan Page. The question now is how?

The Power of Social Media

With such easy access through technology and social media, why wouldn’t you use it to your advantage to help build and improve your personal brand?


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