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Do You Have Fans Like This?

Ever wonder how some loan officers manage to do 15 to 20 loans per month consistently, while others struggle to get five per month?

Capitol Hill

MBA's Mortgage Action Alliance: A Message From MAA Chairman Fowler Williams

The Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA) is a free, voluntary and non-partisan nationwide grassroots lobbying network that is dedicated to s

Humanized Leadership

When I was first broached with the opportunity to write this article, I was met with an all too familiar visceral doubt, to read or to write

Leadership Pic

Looking for Leaders: How to Pick a True Leader from a Crowd of Charlatans

Are leaders born or made?

MTG MEN … Mortgage Style: Paul Lucido, The Man Behind the Ads

When we think of great advertising, we find ourselves on Madison Avenue in New York City. This is where advertising was born. For more than 100 years now, the greatest practitioners of the art have worked here. But like all things, the times are changing.

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Past Short Sales Are Like a Bad Divorce

Explaining a past short sale is a harder task than most think, and it re-opens a period of time that many who have had the experience don't want to go through again.

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You’re Already a Leader!

Many of us view ourselves and define our leadership abilities (or lack thereof) based on our perceived personality type. Outgoing, strong personalities are more likely to perceive themselves as a leader vs. a follower.

The Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) does not place a requirement on a financial institution to provide to the consumer a copy of a credit report that the institution obtains on the consumer

Credit Reports and Credit Scores

Question: Is there a requirement to provide the credit report to a consumer? If so, do we need to also give the credit score to the consumer?

Step Inside Ginnie Mae: Lowering of Mortgage Insurance Premium Good for Middle Class Families, Housing Industry

President Obama’s recent announcement that the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) would lower its mortgage insurance premium (MIP) by a half a percentage point for new and refinanced loans, from 1.35 to 0.85 percent, highlighted one of Ginnie Mae’s most important

Step Inside Ginnie Mae: What’s Next for the Housing Finance Industry?

Following considerable effort to enact housing finance reform during the 113th Congress that concluded last year, legislators appear to have hit the “pause button” on reform efforts during the early days of the 114th Congress.


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