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What Exceptional Leaders See

Most businesses are loaded with stress and demands for results under inevitable time pressure.

Determination of APOR Upon Relock of Loan

Question: We are having an internal debate as to how the HPML APOR is determined when a rate lock has expired and the rate is relocked.

Debunking the Gender Myth in Leadership

Women do make memorable leaders: Mother Teresa, Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth Thatcher, Indira

Value-Added Leadership

Preconceived notions

A New Landscape Emerges for Wholesale Lending

During the past eight years, the U.S.

MBA's Mortgage Action Alliance: A Message From MAA Chairman Fowler Williams

The Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA) is a free, voluntary and non-partisan nationwide grassroots lobbying network dedicated to strengtheni

Are You Ready ... Five Things to Do to Prepare for TRID

Mere months remain before the implementation of the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID).

NMP’s Literary Corner: Hidden in Plain Sight: What Really Caused the World’s Worst Financial Crisis and Why it Could Happen Again By Peter J Wallison

If Chairman Phil Angelides and the other members of the Federal Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) aren’t already shaking in their shoes, they should be. Former FCIC member Peter J.

How to Increase Your Business by 80 Percent in Just Eight Weeks

Tim was struggling. After 2008, and the subsequent regulation increases, selling loans became harder and harder.

Millennials: Attracting a New Generation

As the focus shifts, we all turn to watch Millennials and how they affect and engage with the housing market.


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