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Featured Industry Leader: Erin M. Tatum, President of the Alabama Mortgage Professionals Association

Erin M. Tatum is one of the most prominent figures in the Alabama mortgage market.

An Open Letter to President Obama and Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Mel Watt

1. President Obama: A HARP-like program needs to be available for underwater homeowners who do not have a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac mortgage.

Get Your Year in Gear: How to Create a Business-Winning Plan in One Hour

Baloney! That’s what I say to those who think building a business plan should take days, weeks or even months. And I say baloney again to those who think a plan has to have a bunch of pages with graphs and charts.

An Interview With Terry Clemans, Executive Director of the National Consumer Reporting Association

Special correspondent to National Mortgage Professional Magazine, Dave Sullivan, recently had the opportunity to sit down wit

The Elite Performer: Wants vs. Needs

As commissioned sales professionals, we are always prospecting and looking for new clients while retaining existing clients for any future transactions and referrals.

NRMLA: Reverse Mortgage Space Changing for the Better

The trade association for the reverse mortgage sector is confident that a new environment of positive perceptions by a variety of stakeholders is contributing to a new chapter in the expansion of this niche product.

Managing Surety Bond Requirements

Question: As a stateside licensed mortgage lender in many states, I am frustrated with the process of manually managing the surety bond and related requirements. Are there any plans in place to automate this process?

NMP's Featured Industry Leader: Frank E. Percival, Executive Director of the Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals

In early 2014, the Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals (WAMP) decided to hire a full-time executive director to help man

National Mortgage Professional Magazine Presents Top Mortgage Employers

National Mortgage Professional Magazine is proud to announce its inaugural list of Top Mortgage Employers. We polled our readers about their employers based on the following criteria:

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