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Reporting Brokered Loans on the HMDA-LAR

Question: Our investor reviews the loan before closing. Please let us know whether we are supposed to report the loan as a brokered or correspondent loan on the HMDA-LAR?

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The Elite Performer: A Q&A With Fitzgerald Farms

This past Memorial Day weekend, my family and I went camping and horseback riding with some friends here in the beautiful state of Ore

Preemption and Exemption

Question: As a federally regulated bank, we always consider preemption of state laws and exemption from state laws. Where we usually get confused is the difference between the two. What is preemption and is it different from exemption?

Featured Industry Leader: Coby Baker, President, Nevada Mortgage Lenders Association

Coby Baker has been responsible for a Lazarus-worthy resurrection, bringing back from the dead a pair of defunct mortgage trade groups in

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Fair Housing and Disparate Impact

Question: I have been reading about a recent important United States Supreme Court decision which affects fair housing laws. Can you elaborate on the details of the case for me?

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Featured Industry Leader: Chris Bettis, President of the Oregon Mortgage Association

Chris Bettis is a loan officer at Eugene, Ore.-based Gallic Financial and is current president of the Oregon Mortgage Association (OMA)

Arizona at Dusk

Featured Industry Leader: Lisa Lund, President of the Arizona Association of Mortgage Professionals

Lisa Lund is the owner of Glendale, Ariz.-based

Rocky Mountains Colorado

Featured Industry Leader: President of the Colorado Association of Mortgage Professionals

Jason Kauffman is the owner of Denver-based

People Are People

This article will take an in depth focus on and will analyze in fullest modern day marketing strategies for the typical TPO.

Personality Traits of a Business Leader

There is a business misconception which suggests that all great leaders are extroverts.


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