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Featured Industry Leader: Zahra Jafri, President, Empire State Mortgage Bankers Association

In 1989, Zahra Jafri created Lynx Equities in Great Neck, N.Y., and 15 years later, she co-founded

Featured Industry Leader: Tammy Kirkland, Executive Director, Alabama Mortgage Professionals Association

Tammy Kirkland did not work in the mortgage industry before taking the reins of the

Featured Industry Leader: Tom Shaner, Executive Director, Maryland Association of Mortgage Professionals

Tom Shaner never worked in the mortgage industry prior to his becoming executive director of the

"A" is for Abusive

Financial institutions and other market participants have struggled to understand how the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau defines "abusive" conduct, but a series of enforcement actions has shown that the bureau intends to go beyond the terms of a loan contract to wield its broad and unique p

Housing Plummet/Credit: Petmal

Who’s Afraid of a Plummeting Homeownership Rate?

Last month, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that the homeownership rate for the second quarter of this year was 63.4 percent—a rate that has not been seen since 1966, and a sizeable drop from the 69.2 percent peak recorded at the end of 2004.

Marketing Service Agreements (MSAs)

Marketing Services Agreements

Question: Are Marketing Services Agreements (MSAs) legal or are they no longer permitted?

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Spousal Signatures Under Equal Credit Opportunity Act

Question: When is a mortgage lender permitted to require a non-borrowing spouse to sign loan documents?

Featured Industry Leader: Cathy Lee, President, HAMB—Hawaii Association of Mortgage Professionals

Cathy Lee is currently taking her second go-round as president of

Mortgage Application Pic/Credit: pricelessphoto

Reporting Brokered Loans on the HMDA-LAR

Question: Our investor reviews the loan before closing. Please let us know whether we are supposed to report the loan as a brokered or correspondent loan on the HMDA-LAR?

Horses_Sunset_Credit RossellaApostoli

The Elite Performer: A Q&A With Fitzgerald Farms

This past Memorial Day weekend, my family and I went camping and horseback riding with some friends here in the beautiful state of Ore


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