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The New York Times

When Mortgage Rates Rise

Mortgage rates have remained relatively low this year, and little changed, despite previous predictions of an inevitable rise. Borrowers, though, may be wondering how much longer this environment can last.

In a Bank Settlement, Don't Forget the Bulldozers

A win-win. That's how people on both sides of the negotiating table will undoubtedly characterize the long-awaited ... 

Fed Vice Chairman Warns of Slow Growth

Sounding a somber note even as the economic outlook in the United States brightens, the Federal Reserve’s No. 2 official acknowledged on Monday that global growth had been “disappointing” and warned of fundamental headwinds that might temper future gains.

Affordable Housing Draws Middle Class to Inland Cities

Americans have never hesitated to pack up the U-Haul in search of the big time, a better job or just warmer weather. But these days, domestic migrants are increasingly driven by the quest for cheaper housing.

Remember the Problems With Mortgage Defaults? They're Coming Back With Student Loans

Student loans, along with mortgages and car loans, have become the three largest sources of credit, exceeding credit card debt.

Lenders Easing Up on Jumbo Mortgages

Underwriting guidelines remain rigid on the conforming loans guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but lenders are becoming more accommodating on nonconforming or jumbo loans.

Housing on the Mend, Ever So Gradually

One way to tell the housing market is beginning to show signs of health would be that builders of new homes are selling more houses than banks do. 

At Bank of America, a $4 Billion Wet Blanket on the Party

If you’re a bank executive, it’s never going to be easy to tell your shareholders: Oops, we made a $4 billion mistake!