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U.S. Housing Stock Hits Record High in 2016

The value of the U.S. housing market reached a new record in 2016, fully recouping the value lost during the subprime mortgage crisis.

As Trump Team Enters Office, Repealing Dodd-Frank Could Have Inflationary Risks

Repealing Dodd-Frank could make the Republicans look like heroes for a little while, but the long-term impact could be much higher inflation, says David Merkel.

U.S. Long-Term Mortgage Rates Post First Drop Since the Election: Freddie Mac

The surge in 30-year mortgage rates finally came to an end last week, although rates remain near 2 ½ year highs in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory.

Credit Risk Transfer in a New World–The Waterfall of Risk Falls Squarely on Private Capital!

First, it is important to remind readers of some of the reasons CRT is successful and oversubscribed by the credit investors.  

U.S. Housing Market Recap: Home Sales Defy Expectations in November as Demand Outstrips Rising Mortgage Costs

U.S. home sales rose more than expected in November, even as construction activity ran into volatility, a sign that stronger earnings and more plentiful jobs were offsetting a sharp rise in mortgage rates.  

Mortgage Rates Rise for Tenth Consecutive Week in the Shadow of Fed Rate Hike

The Fed raised interest rates last week and signaled a faster path of hikes in 2017 and 2018. The banking sector’s prime rate went up immediately, and mortgage rates could soon follow.

How Easy Will It Be For Donald Trump to Dismantle Dodd-Frank?

Donald Trump made it clear on the campaign trail that we need to dismantle Dodd-Frank. Now that he has been elected President, how easy will the reform process be? 

U.S. Housing Recovery Leaves Many Behind as Credit Restrictions Squeeze Out Key Lending Segments

The U.S. housing recovery has left many borrowers behind, as stricter lending guidelines make it virtually impossible for certain segments of the market to obtain financing. 

U.S. Housing Market Recap: Groundbreaking, Existing Home Sales Hit 9-Year Highs in October

October was a month of milestones for the U.S. housing market, with existing home sales and groundbreaking for new homes spiking to more than nine-year highs. 

Credit Risk Transfer–Front and Back End Execution. Why Does It Matter?

This three- year old program has shown great promise and success in creating a deeper residential credit investor segment and has enabled risk increments to be shifted from the GSE’s and taxpayer to the private sector. 


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