LoanSifter Integrates With Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter

May 22, 2013

LoanSifter Inc. has integrated with Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter, giving mortgage bankers and loan officers seamless access to the mortgage industry’s leading underwriting tool from within the LoanSifter platform. A housing industry standard for underwriting mortgages, Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter is used by lenders to make informed credit decisions on conventional conforming, non-conforming, and government loans. The integration allows LoanSifter users to obtain instant underwriting findings and credit reports immediately after receiving an online 1003 mortgage application from a borrower. LoanSifter users can also use Desktop Underwriter’s findings to discuss a borrower’s mortgage application and collect any supporting documents necessary to complete the application before moving ahead in the loan process.
Besides instant underwriting findings, the integration with Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter also gives lenders access to additional credit reporting services from within LoanSifter—with no extra steps or duplicate entries. When combined with LoanSifter’s other solutions—such as its consumer-facing eOriginations platform, its Best Execution Mortgage Insurance Pricing Platform and loan guidelines from 165 investors—LoanSifter users can provide borrowers with complete, fast, accurate approvals and pricing results in an instant.
“With all the solutions we offer, we’re pleased to give our customers the added bonus of having seamless access to the industry’s top tool for underwriting loans,” LoanSifter President Bruce Backer said. “We know of no other technology provider that equals LoanSifter’s range of pricing tools and options. Now with instant underwriting recommendations from Desktop Underwriter, we’re giving lenders the speed, accuracy and results they need, the minute they need it—every time.”