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Patrick H. Seroka

Six Non-Traditional Mortgage Marketing Tactics

Marketing Puzzle Pic

Last week, I received a call from prospect who stated he was looking for some new, out of the box, “fresh” ideas to drive sales activity. It turns out that after speaking with this gentleman for about 10 minutes I uncovered that he wanted a “magic bullet” because he simply did not have the budget to do anything meaningful and sustaining. He needed a quick hit.Click to continue

Six Blogging Hints That Drive Business

We all hear about the importance of blogging for driving our mortgage business and enhancing our competitive positioning. This is true. Blogging is important for many reasons ...

►Positions you as an expert in your industry in the communities you serve
►Builds trust with your prospective borrowers, referrers and current referral base
►Unlocks hidden ideas in your own mind that drive further lending insights which can help stir up your audience and drive more traffic
►Drives search trafficClick to continue

Does Your Mortgage Company Have a Content Marketing Strategy?

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Are you confused by the concept of content marketing, the importance or what it even is? If you are, that’s ok…you’re not alone even by a long shot. Let’s start with a definition. According to Wikipedia, “Content marketing is an umbrella term encompassing all marketing formats that involve the creation and sharing of content in order to attract, acquire and engage clearly defined and understood current and potential consumer bases with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

Some types of content marketing include:Click to continue

Does Your Mortgage Company Have a Social Strategy?

Social Networking Pic

I hope not! But how can I say this? You must think I’m crazy right now. So, let me explain ...

I talk to many companies in the industry each day. Even many of the early adopters of social networking talk about their social strategies and how they have special departments set up exclusively to leverage various social venues. Their goals include the following ...Click to continue

Do You Have a Marketing Problem or a Branding Problem?


There is a traditional and unchallenged approach to brand development that, for quite some time, seemed airtight and struck all the senses of logic, yet is flawed and has lost its effectiveness.Click to continue

Mortgage Marketing: Improving the ROI of PPC

Target Marketing Pic

For many mortgage companies I speak with, PPC, or Pay per Click, has become a staple of their marketing efforts. In fact, many mortgage companies put their primary focus on this form of marketing. The reasons are obvious ...

►It’s 100 percent measurable

►Can give you immediate results

►Gives you control over how much you wish to spend

►Allows for precise targetingClick to continue

Mortgage Companies .... Four Tips on How to Build Your Credibility With Online Communities

Outside_Box/Credit: Stockbyte

As a mortgage company, it is essential to build your credibility with consumers. If you’re not deemed credible, online communities can still gather around your brand, but may not really be your friends.Click to continue

Mortgage Marketing: Is My Community Manager Qualified?

Handshake/Credit: Digital Vision

The title “Community Manager” is popping up all over the place. So you may be asking ... what is a "Community Manager" exactly? In my opinion, this is just another title for a "Marketing Director" and really encompasses many of the same functions. The bottom line is managing a community, be it online or offline. Here are some signs that you can be confident your community manager knows what they are doing:Click to continue

Mortgage Company Marketing: Eight Reasons Why Strategies Fail


Many mortgage companies are still in the process of developing their 2012 strategies. But there is a problem ... many of these strategies fail to achieve the desired outcomes. Why is that? Here are eight reasons:

1. No written marketing strategy. Sure, this is obvious, but many plan to plan, then get caught up in the day-to-day and the plan doesn’t get written until the end of the first quarter or worse. Meanwhile, all you’ve done is put out fires and get caught up in the “me too” syndrome, following your competitors.Click to continue

Mortgage Marketing: Content vs. Inbound


You can’t avoid it ... you hear about it all the time. “Content,” is arguably the biggest buzzword in marketing right now. How does this fit in to the plethora of mortgage marketing activities within the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to consumer (B2C) marketing space? Content strategy and content creation need to be a part of the overall marketing mix as does your inbound activities.Click to continue