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The Electronic Yenta
People seem to think that a “social media” presence is the end all, be all to business success in the current electronic age. Maybe it can be, but I have not found the winning formula yet. Did you ever see that commercial where a new... Read more
Upgrading Your Web Site to Meet the Needs of Today's Wholesale Mortgage Clients
It has been said that innovation belongs to those who are able to stay ahead of the technology curve and be first to bring dynamic business tools to market. But building a mortgage technology platform can be anything but fast, in fact it... Read more
Elements of a Disaster Recovery Plan
Question: Our compliance department has been tasked with developing a disaster recovery plan. Banking departments of several states are expecting us to ratify such a plan. However, we are not sure about what goes into this plan. What are... Read more
Types of Lead Generation
Question: We are thinking about obtaining leads from an online lead generation service. In the process of reviewing our marketing campaign, it seems pretty clear that there are different types of lead generators. What are the different... Read more
Social Media: Posting News Articles
Question: I'd like to get some clarity on the requirements for posting news articles to different social media channels. We create several articles per month and would like to publish those articles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram,... Read more
Appraisals, AVMs, BPOs: Which Should Mortgage Professionals Choose?
To help their customers, lenders might be tempted to choose a less time consuming—and potentially lower cost—real estate valuation method than an appraisal. But while alternative valuation options—such as automated valuation models (AVMs)... Read more
Who’s Who in the 2016 Wholesale Marketplace
Who are the top wholesalers in the industry making their mark in 2016? Find them all right here as National Mortgage Professional Magazine presents its annual "Who's Who in the 2016 Wholesale Marketplace" listing for 2016. Please visit the... Read more
Featured Industry Leader: Bill Bower, President, National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA)
Bill Bower is chief executive officer and chief business development office at Lancaster, Calif.-based Contemporary Information Corp. (CIC) and president of the National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA). National Mortgage Professional... Read more
The wholesale mortgage industry is aggressively making a move to take big banks head on and reclaim its market share that was lost following the 2008 financial crisis
KickStarting the Mortgage Broker Channel
The wholesale mortgage industry is aggressively making a move to take big banks head on and reclaim its market share that was lost following the 2008 financial crisis. And this time, it’s more than chatter—industry leaders are walking the... Read more
The American Land Title Association (ALTA) has announced the appointment of Elizabeth Blosser as its new director of grassroots and state government affairs
MBA's Mortgage Action Alliance: A Message From MAA Chairman Fowler Williams
The Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA) is a voluntary, non-partisan and free nationwide grassroots lobbying network of real estate finance industry professionals, affiliated with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). As the House and Senate... Read more