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Credit unions maintained a 6.1 percent share of the mortgage market share in 2015
The Upfront Close: How to Stop the “Let Me Think About It” Objection
A client or prospect said, “Let me think about it.” You agreed and have spent several hours calling them to no avail. They have gone radio silent. But you were so sure they wanted to use you for the refi. A real estate agent seemed totally... Read more
MBA’s Secondary Market Conference Survey: A Report of Findings
This is the 16th time since 2008 that this survey of senior mortgage banking executives has been conducted and distributed. It is completed twice annually, at the Mortgage Bankers Association Annual Convention in October and at the MBA’s... Read more
NMP Mortgage Professional of the Month: Rob Saunders, Divisional Vice President, Caliber Home Loans Inc.
Nine years ago, Rob Saunders achieved his first career milestone when he became a branch manager at Aegis Wholesale Corporation at the age of 28. He was in the right place, to be certain, but not at the right time—Saunders’ star was... Read more
Videos. Why?
Content marketing has taken the world by storm and that content is mainly in video format. Consumers watch at least two videos per day and most of that watching is happening on their mobile device. No, they are not all Millennials. People... Read more
OrigiNation: Appraisal Woes
We have an issue facing our industry in many markets. We simply have too many appraisal orders and appraisal demands, but not enough licensed appraisers. Appraisers are getting older on average and the barrier to entry and internship... Read more
Measuring Your ROI Through Social Media
Social media has become an accepted part of our everyday lives. Whether we are at home, work or play, social media is constantly around us … even when we aren’t plugged in. The visibility that the multitude of social media platforms... Read more
The Mortgage Godfather: How to Get Out of Your Mess! It’s Really Easy!
What the hell are you doing? In most cases, I know, for a fact, you’re doing what you’ve been doing for the past few years: Waiting for the phone to ring, fooling yourself, being afraid of everything, sitting on your hands, staring at the... Read more
Recruiting, Training and Mentoring Corner: Social Media and Recruiting
There is no doubt that social media can be a great tool for producers. However, it is also an effective tool to facilitate the recruiting process as well. We need to start with the fact that networking is the most effective tool a manager... Read more
What I Learned About Originating From My Doctor
We all hate going to the doctor and I am no different. But the last time I went for my checkup, something dawned on me that I wanted/needed to share with you. Doctors are very efficient with their time most likely because they have to be.... Read more
Have you ever wondered what your business will look like in the future?
The Elite Performer: The Time Machine Exercise
Have you ever wondered what your business will look like in the future? Why wonder if you can vision it? Setting goals is a standard practice for most of us, but we also have to strategically plan in order to hit those goals. We should... Read more