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Have you ever wondered what your business will look like in the future?
The Elite Performer: The Time Machine Exercise
Have you ever wondered what your business will look like in the future? Why wonder if you can vision it? Setting goals is a standard practice for most of us, but we also have to strategically plan in order to hit those goals. We should... Read more
UDAAP Violations in Consumer Debt Collection
Question: Our compliance group recently passed around the E-Book on Advertising Compliance, written by Jonathan Foxx. In Part II, there is a section on UDAAP. We are particularly interested in UDAPP because we are updating our policies to... Read more
Leading With Generosity: Seven Ways to Give Back
On a recent episode of my Lykken on Lending podcast, we had the privilege of interviewing Dale Vermillion on leadership in the mortgage industry. During our conversation, we discussed something that is central to Dale's philosophy and gets... Read more
The frequency of defects, fraudulence and misrepresentation in the information submitted in mortgage loan applications increased 1.5 percent in December as compared with November, according to the latest Loan Application Defect Index released by First Ame
Too Much of a Good Thing?
It's easy to make a list of the activities, foods or beverages that we've been warned to not overindulge in, because there can be “Too much of a good thing.” But can the same be applicable to productivity … or can it? Just about every... Read more
Security Breaches, Identity Theft and Compliance: Are You Prepared?
No charges are to be pressed against presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as she was found “not guilty” by FBI Director James Comey of punishable wrong doing. It doesn’t matter what political fence you sit on, this will have... Read more
Implementing New Technologies to Speed Up the Process and Retain Customers
Every step in the mortgage process is under scrutiny to get things done faster—not always better, but at least faster. And that may or may not be better for customer service and satisfaction. From the first point of contact with the... Read more
One Billion-Plus Reasons Why You Should Be Active on Facebook
The number is staggering and potentially career-ending for mortgage lenders who ignore it: 1,440,000,000. That’s the total number of monthly active users on the social medium Facebook. That number alone is reason enough to use it regularly... Read more
The Electronic Yenta
People seem to think that a “social media” presence is the end all, be all to business success in the current electronic age. Maybe it can be, but I have not found the winning formula yet. Did you ever see that commercial where a new... Read more
Upgrading Your Web Site to Meet the Needs of Today's Wholesale Mortgage Clients
It has been said that innovation belongs to those who are able to stay ahead of the technology curve and be first to bring dynamic business tools to market. But building a mortgage technology platform can be anything but fast, in fact it... Read more
Elements of a Disaster Recovery Plan
Question: Our compliance department has been tasked with developing a disaster recovery plan. Banking departments of several states are expecting us to ratify such a plan. However, we are not sure about what goes into this plan. What are... Read more