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The world of credit: Universal default
U.S. Title Search chooses Ticor Titlemortgagepress.comTicor Title, Title Search, title insurance, LandIT The National Commercial Division of Ticor Title Insurance Company has allied with U.S. Title Search Inc. in being named the preferred... Read more
Oil rich states top best places to lend
Carteret integrates Ellie Mae’s Encompassmortgagepress.comCarteret, Ellie Mae, Encompass, loan origination software, LOS Carteret Mortgage Corporation has announced that it will migrate all 1,700 of its brokers to Ellie Mae's Encompass... Read more
Cash-out refi share falls modestly in Q4 '04
Building a Marketing Plan Utilizing Advanced TechnologyAeron StedmannInternet, online, e-commerce, web-based originations, lending technology We are in the midst of momentous opportunity and change in perhaps the fastest moving revolution... Read more
Will technology replace appraisers?
Credit restoration vs. debt management Sherene Costanzocredit restoration, debt management, credit scores There are television and radio commercials everywhere for debt management companies. Can these companies actually help? What can they... Read more
Bundling up with technology
Twice bitten: Reduce your risk of year 2000 lawsuitsGarry BarnesY2K, compliance, lawsuits When it comes to the Year 2000 issue, look beyond possible crashing computers and incorrect data. Why? Because if you're a small business owner, you... Read more
Widespread mortgage fraud threatens America's homeowners
Ask the Online Experts: How did the Internet first get started?Rod Aries and Robert FarrisInternet, net, world wide web, www, From: Joe Spencer, Corner Mountain Mortgage The Internet (often referred to as the "Net") is basically a... Read more
The four-step program for using direct mail to recruit
Bridge loans: The best financing tool for some difficult situationsBrian Opertbridge loans, loan options, unconventional People who invest in income-producing commercial real estate are often required to manage some challenges that impact... Read more
Independent contractors: Are they or aren't they?
Selling Mortgages Ain't Rocket Science: Get Things Done Quicker-Speed Will Be The Key To Success In The FutureDave HershmanInternet Originations, Streamlining operations, Speed We can speculate for days regarding how the future of the... Read more
A commentary by Carteret's Eric Weinstein
ABFS receives interim approval of DIP financingmortgagepress.comABFS, DIP facility, debt American Business Financial Services Inc. (ABFS) has received interim court approval to use approximately $175 million of a $500 million debtor-in-... Read more
NovaStar adds warehouse lending programs to product line
Mavent partners with Entyre on compliancemortgagepress.comMavent, Expert System, Entyre, eMortgage-X4 Mavent Inc. and Entyre have joined forces to provide an interface between the Mavent Expert System and Entyre' s eMortgage-X4 online... Read more