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The Burgeoning Broker
Two Outs, Man on Second Base: NAMB President-Elect A.W. Pickel Takes His Practice SwingsMichael SimonNAMB, A.W. Pickel, HUD, Mel Martinez, Armand Cosenza Jr. If the National Association of Mortgage Brokers were a baseball team, they... Read more
Procrastination - How to make it work for you
Procrastination - How to make it work for youLisa Kellyprocrastination, motivational strategies
Five steps up for a downturn mortgage market
Do-Not-Call regulations: Do-Not-Worry?Jim Hamiltontelemarketing, web-based solutions, Do-Not-Call It's hard to believe that it's been one full year since the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) developed the national Do-Not-Call (DNC) list. The... Read more
Creating new solutions by learning from your customers
Old stuff, new stuff, same stuffPaul Burgermarketing tips, database, internet options I remember lending way back in 1981, which was when I first started in this industry. A 21 percent prime? Having no reference point to begin with, it... Read more
picking the best loan products for your customers
Five steps up for a downturn mortgage marketSig Anderman marketing, adapting to changing rates, diversifying Do you like roller coasters? The mortgage business has always been a kind of roller coaster ride. When rates go down, we stay up... Read more
What are the legal boundaries for consumer-direct marketing?
picking the best loan products for your customersGeorge S. Phelpsfinancial advising, customer service Mortgage brokers who position themselves as financial advisors for mortgages build and sustain long-lasting relationships. Providing your... Read more
Finding commercial property owners and closing loans
Debating the exclusivity of buying leadsEric J. Christopherleads, suppliers, lead sources A common question associated with the online mortgage lead environment is whether any lead is truly exclusive. There are valid arguments on both... Read more
The online brokerage channel
Mortgage technology helps brokers reclaim customer satisfactionDavid G. Chungcredit analysis, optimization, rapid rescoring, credit simulation Customers are as happy with their HMOs as they are with their mortgage brokers. It's a tough... Read more
To pay or not to pay overtime
Harvesting cash for the golden years: To HECM or to HELOC?Atare Agbamu, CRMSHELOC, HECM, reverse mortgages Peter Forward, an industry colleague in the Twin Cities, called me recently to inquire about a reverse mortgage for his mother. "My... Read more
Do-Not-Call regulations: Do-Not-Worry?
Home equity lending in the new marketplaceJeff Seymourmarketing tips, home equity products, promotion Since 2001, lenders have enjoyed one big party. The combination of record low interest rates and double-digit property appreciation has... Read more