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Avoiding the spam monsterChip Cummings, CMCBlocking spam I hate spam ... even more than you do! Despite the fact that federal legislation (the CAN-SPAM Act) and many state regulations have been put in place to try and protect you, the... Read more
1st Metropolitan, NovaStar develop alliance
Increase your business by 80 percent in eight weeksDr. Kerry Johnsonclient retention, referral generation, marketing strategies Tim was on the verge of bankruptcy. After the refi boom and subsequent rate increases, nobody seemed willing or... Read more
Be passionate about what you do!
So you want to originate FHA loans? An update on HUD eligibility requirementsMike DaughertyFHA loans, HUD approval, regulatory compliance As most mortgage brokers and lenders are now aware, only mortgagees that have been approved by the U.... Read more
The greatest gift
Silver Hill launches employee learning centermortgagepress.comSilver Hill, learning center, employee training Silver Hill Financial LLC has introduced a comprehensive Learning Center to properly train new employees to fill positions within... Read more
Jack Kemp at western regional mortgage brokers conference
Brokers deck the halls at second annual Georgia holiday networking partyMike BelmonteGAMB, networking, Ron Vaimberg, InterBay Funding, Warehouse One, Gary Hoyer, Art "Ski" Swiatkowski, Robert Trahan, American Brokers Conduit, IndyMac Bank... Read more
Selling Mortgages Ain't Rocket Science: Get Things Done Quicker-Speed Will Be The Key To Success In The Future
Holiday networking party brings cheer to Texas brokersMike BelmonteTAMB, networking, CampusMBA, Option One Mortgage, Ron Vaimberg, InterBay Funding, Warehouse One, Gary Hoyer, Art "Ski" Swiatkowski, Robert Trahan, American Brokers Conduit... Read more
Forward on reverse: Marketing reverse mortgages 101--Education seniors and their advisors
Lenders Beware: HUD Steps Up Credit Watch TerminationsPhillip L. Schulman Esq. and Emily BoothHUD, FHA, National Housing Act, FHA Insurance Fund, branch offices, In an effort to reduce losses in connection with Federal Housing... Read more
Internet marketing essentials, Part one: building trust
The compliance controversy--Part one: How to register with the FTCJim HamiltonDo Not Call list, regulations, registration, compliance, Federal Trade Commission Registering your business with the Federal Trade Commission's Do-Not-Call (DNC... Read more
Common questions asked about outsourcing telemarketing campaigns
The world of credit: Why are lenders concerned about inquiries?John J. Hudockcredit scores, credit inquiries, risk, FICO score, Fair Isaac Lenders consider an inquiry to be a request for credit. However, some inquiries are not. Ideally,... Read more
1999: The best of the best
Internet marketing essentials, Part one: building trustAeron StedmannInternet, marketing, online The competition is fierce, the playing field is new and unfamiliar, and your star quarterback is playing without a coach. Is it football, or... Read more