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Who is more valuable?
The sub-prime forum: What are your sub-prime goals?Richard Bitnerrealistic goals, sub-prime lending Welcome to "The sub-prime forum," a column designed to help improve your knowledge of alt-A lending and offer tips to increase your share... Read more
Originating a non-conforming loan that's sellable on the secondary market
MirroringJoe Cornosimilarities in businesses, marketing tools There are numerous references to mirroring in the lending business. It has become a very popular practice to mirror systems, practices and processes. However, we should examine... Read more
Competing for the rate shopping customer
Originating a non-conforming loan that's sellable on the secondary marketJames L. Smithnon-conforming loans, bundling If you've even written one non-conforming loan, chances are that you've had your eye on the secondary market. What you... Read more
We are customers to each other
A message from NAMB Convention Committee Chair George Hanzimanolis, CRMSGeorge Hanzimanolis, CRMSNAMB Soars One of the biggest hurdles in the mortgage industry is training employees to be more knowledgeable and productive. The key is... Read more
The appraiser's perspective: Water property values
SouthStar originates $6 billion in fiscal year 2005MortgagePress.comSouthStar origination SouthStar Funding, an Atlanta-based non-conforming wholesale lender, achieved record origination volume in fiscal year 2005, which ended Nov. 31. The... Read more
New year marks rise in loan limitsMortgagePress.comLoan limits rise The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO) has announced that the maximum 2006 conforming loan limit for single-family mortgages purchased by Fannie Mae... Read more
The sub-prime forum: What are your sub-prime goals?
Why become a mortgage banker?: An article for those doing $5 million or less per monthElaine RoccioMortgage banking profession I thought I would share with you some thoughts I have, regarding this mass migration that I see of mortgage... Read more
Three easy ways to build your business in 2006
Appraising the appraiserJoe Amorosoappraisal issues When I first addressed the topic of appraisers seven years ago, the issues of appraisal fraud and pressure were boiling just under the surface. Not anymore. You know a topic is hot when... Read more
Appraising the appraiser
Heartwell Mortgage begins national expansionMortgagePress.comExpanding mortgage businesses, Heartwell Mortgage Corporation Heartwell Mortgage Corporation has begun its planned national expansion by preparing to open a new branch in Wyoming... Read more
Quick fixes to help increase your client's credit score
American Home launches correspondent loan departmentMortgagePress.comAmerican Home Mortgage American Home Mortgage (AHM) has launched a correspondent channel "to complement its retail and wholesale origination capabilities." This "... Read more