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Freddie Mac and VMP go bilingual
Fraud: It's not worth itClark Gramelspachertype keywords here..SEPERATE BY COMAS ONLY(,) As a lender representative, I can tell you that I see my fair share of fraud I mean, doctored W-2s, VOEs, VOMs and even stretched appraisals. Scanning... Read more
Making the case for mortgage insurance
Appraiser’s Perspective: Time for a national lending standardCharlie Elliott Jr., MAI, SRANational Lending Standard, predatory lending, mortgage legislation Most of us would agree that civilized societies, by virtue of human nature, must... Read more
Forward on reverse: HECM II--Can HECM for long-term care insurance fly? Part one
Managing real estate assets as carefully as you manage interest rate risksMichael Stonereal estate assets Mortgage lenders watch interest rates as intently as politicians watch opinion polls. They know that even small rate movements up or... Read more
SarboxAlert covers Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
Forward on reverse: HECM II--Can HECM for long-term care insurance fly? Part oneAtare E. Agbamu, CRMSreverse mortgages, long-term care, retirement, financing If you are in reverse country or want to be, pay very close attention to long-... Read more
Authtel addresses DNC regs
The voice of the broker nation is heard in D.C.: A recap of the NAMB 2005 Legislative and Regulatory ConferenceGary Simpson and George DuarteNAMB legislative conference, 2005, lobbying Mortgage brokers from across the nation assembled in... Read more
AHB aids unemployed customers
NAMB action alert: Association seeks info on wage and hour auditsmortgagepress.comminimum wage, overtime requirements, DOL enforcement, audits As part of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers' efforts to secure clarification from... Read more
RealtyTrac report monitors monthly foreclosure activity
AHB aids unemployed customersmortgagepress.comjob-loss protections, mortgage payments, unemployment insurance American Home Bank (AHB) will help make mortgage payments for up to six months on behalf of their customers who are out of work... Read more
ARC gives credit scores a second chance
Flick simplifies product, Web technology, management tools Flick Mortgage Investors Inc. has launched a new Web engine,, an internal corporate operations system that offers... Read more
LendingArsenal adds loan-pricing tool to its battery
Expert: Real estate decline fears ‘overblown' for 2005Mortgage PressHousing Bubble The early signs point to a solid year for U.S. investors and the economy in 2005, according to Barker French, Brinker Capital's chief investment... Read more
Expert: Real estate decline fears ‘overblown' for 2005
HUD issues interim rule for ARM eligibility mortgagepress.comHUD-insured, adjustable-rate mortgage, interest rates The Federal Housing Administration is making available a new HUD-insurable, adjustable rate mortgage (ARM). The rule allows... Read more