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13 best marketing tips for small businesses
OTS Opines That Federally-Chartered Thrifts and Their Operating Subsidiaries are Exempt From Georgia and New York High-Cost Loan LawsSteven M. KaplanOTS, HOLA, GFLA, New York's A.11856, Alternative Mortgage Transaction Parity Act, Last... Read more
FCC acts on do-not-call complaints
President's cornerBob ArmbrusterNAMB 2005 legislative conference, membership, 2005 convention We write this column many weeks before you actually see it in print. In Washington, D.C., this April, we just completed perhaps our best... Read more
Marketing and market savvy: Your tools for emerging market success
Decision One products aid first-time borrowersMortgagePress.comDecision One,CLTV,stated income,Lite Doc Decision One Mortgage has rolled out two new programs in June, including a "Lite Doc" product that qualifies borrowers with only six... Read more
Argent and Olympus join forces
Will technology replace appraisers?Charlie W. Elliott Jr., MAI, SRAAVMs, appraiser's role, government guarantees, For at least 10 years or so, there has been a buzz going on in lending and appraisal circles. It might be occurring in the... Read more
For successful small business owners, commercial real estate investment is the hottest new retirement asset
Default risk moderate, says Nonprime Mortgage Reportmortgagepress.comhouse price appreciation, economic trends, loan defaults The Nonprime Mortgage Report's Default Risk Index for the fall quarter of 2004 is 97 from a revised 98 in the... Read more
Getting into the mail moment
Selling mortgages is not rocket science - The basic laws of marketing for more income with less stressDave HershmanMarketing tips, Sales, Mortgage Bankers Association, MBAA The functions of selling and marketing are distinctly different.... Read more
Primary Capital launches customized marketing site
Housing starts reach near-record levels in august: ARM rates and resales dip slightlyMortgagePress.comSingle-family housing Single-family housing starts rose 0.4 percent in August to a near-record 1.667 million units on a seasonally-... Read more
What's normal about a $2 trillion market?
Option One partners with CampusMBA to promote diversity MortgagePress.comDiversity, Homeownership in underserved communities, CampusMBA, Option One As homeownership increases throughout underserved communities, the need for mortgage... Read more
Utilizing direct mail for soliciting new borrowers and maintaining your current database
Rising rates don't mean the sky is falling - Credit analysis, optimization and simulation help lenders close more loans, regardless of what the rates doDavid ChungClosing loans, Credit analysis tools, Rapid rescoring, Credit optimization... Read more
Down payment assistance programs aid lenders
The necessities of a successful branch managerDonald Cotebranch manager tips, marketing, technology, entrepreneurial economics So, what does it take to be a successful branch manager? Business acumen. To be an effective branch manager, you... Read more