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Homeowners want sophisticated loan products, survey says
Ginnie Mae mortgage backed security may lower cost of HECMsMortgagePress.comGinnie Mae HECM MBS Ginnie Mae is creating a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) mortgage backed security (MBS). The HECM MBS will allow approved issuers to... Read more
Small percentage of brokers account for most early payment defaults
Study reveals brokers are less costly option for sub-prime borrowersMortgagePress.comSub-prime mortgage brokers Brokers are a cost-effective option for consumers in the sub-prime home loan market, according to a joint study released by... Read more
On second homes, baby boomers not acting differently than their parents
Homeowners want sophisticated loan products, survey saysMortgagePress.comResidential mortgage loans What U.S. homeowners look for in a mortgage loan and what they want to achieve through home financing may be two very different things,... Read more
Butterfly effect on the mortgage industry
One size does not fit all: Understating the distinctions of the Hispanic niche marketMariano ClaudioHispanic market A comprehensive study of Hispanics in America found that by the end of the decade, Hispanics will account for nearly 14... Read more
FEMA publishes final rule on flood insurance claims appeals process
The Telephone Doctor: 21 ways to great customer serviceNancy Friedmantelephone courtesies OK, OK! Yes, there are certainly more than 21 ways to great customer service, but rather than overwhelm you, we wanted to start out with an easier... Read more
New Century to adopt additional lending best practices
Direct Group acquires HintonHillMortgagePress.comDirect marketing services Direct Group has completed the acquisition of HintonHill. Financial terms of the acquisition were not released to the public, though it was announced that... Read more
Giving to your clients long after the holidays are over
From the appraiser's perspective: Appraisal formsCharlie W. Elliott Jr., MAI, SRAappraisals In the practice of appraising real properties for lenders, one of the most misunderstood issues that comes to mind has to do with which format or... Read more
Building a professional presence
Citigroup to buy ABN AMRO Mortgage GroupMortgagePress.comCitigroup,ABN AMRO Citigroup has announced the pending purchase of ABN AMRO Mortgage Group Inc., which will represent $9 billion in net assets and a $224 billion mortgage-servicing... Read more
Will good credit guarantee a loan?
NAMB named Financial Literacy Business Partner of the Year: Freddie Mac honors mortgage brokers’ commitment to educating consumersMortgagePress.comFreddie Mac, NAMB, Financial Literacy Business Partner of the Year, Harry H. Dinham, TAMB... Read more
Banks turning to mortgage BPO services to address market challenges: Effective internal delivery grows more difficult as market conditions continue to deteriorate
Will good credit guarantee a loan?Annie Changcredit rating, loan approval Yes - more than likely, good credit will guarantee a loan if you are getting a residential loan. However, if you are getting a commercial loan, other measures are... Read more