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The most valuable letter you can write
Commercial Loan Brokering … Fear Not!Anthony M. Gramzacommercial mortgages, refi boom, NAMB educational courses Here we are, at the beginning of 2004. The market is softening, the refi business is slowing to a snails pace, and I am... Read more
Control-Responsibility-Accountability: The Power of a Warehouse Line
Survey Finds Rise In Internet Mortgage UsageMortgagePress.comInternet, Mortgage Banking Magazine, MyersA recent study by San Jose, California-based Myers Internet Services, conducted for Mortgage Banking magazine, found that both mortgage... Read more
Target financial planners as a new referral source
Argent and Olympus join forcesmortgagepress.commerger, acquisition, wholesale lending Argent Mortgage Company LLC, the wholesale unit of Ameriquest Capital Corporation, and Orange, Calif.-based wholesale lender Olympus Mortgage Company... Read more
Conduits ... dealing with them in today’s marketplace
Is your affiliated title company a sham?Vincent Macauda Esq.ABA, title company, illegal kickbacks, compliance So, you have been approached by a title company to become a partner in an affiliated business arrangement (ABA). It sure looks... Read more
Six Simple Tips for Increasing Sales and Peace of Mind
Sen. Sarbanes to retiremortgagepress.comMaryland senator, Banking Committee, politician Maryland Sen. Paul Sarbanes has announced that he will not seek a sixth term in office. The 72-year-old Sarbanes was a ranking member of the Senate... Read more
Forward on Reverse: Aunt Claudia Needs a Reverse Mortgage
Are you guilty?Nancy Friedman customer service, phone etiquette, telemarketing What's your definition of customer service? What unprofessional behavior irritates you the most when, as a consumer, you are interacting with another company?... Read more
Old Idea, New Industry: ERP and Mortgage Lending Automation
Bundled services gaining traction in the marketplaceSteve Grant bundled services, credit information, customer service Bundled services are a growing trend in the credit information industry as providers seek to gain a business advantage... Read more
Orient your new hire for success
Mortgage Technology and Beyond: Now That You Are Rich(er)John D. SvirskyMortgage Technology, John D. Svirsky One of the many benefits of 2002 has been that so many of us had our prayers answered, whether financial, physical or spiritual.... Read more
You must market your site
The Mortgage Minute: A Cycle For All SeasonsMichael SimonHousing Market, Forecasts, Economy, Market Composite Index, Federal Reserve, Heading into November, it appeared as though the housing market was caught in a downdraft, perhaps... Read more
Twice bitten: Reduce your risk of year 2000 lawsuits
Five Little Ways to Market Small LoansMatthew BurkSmall, loan, marketing As more residential Mortgage Brokers begin to tap into the small commercial lending market, one question is often asked: What is the best way not to stumble into the... Read more