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Ellie Mae launches single-user version of Encompass
Forward on reverse--Reverse mortgage law: What you need to know—Part two Atare E. Agbamuregulatory compliance, reverse mortgages, James Milano The following is part two of an interview with James M. Milano, a regulatory compliance... Read more
U.S. foreclosures fall in February
ARC gives credit scores a second chancemortgagepress.comcredit reporting, credit re-scoring, FICO Rapid Re-Score, American Reporting Company's (ARC) credit re-scoring service, has announced that the product's fee will be waived if it doesn... Read more
Expert: Real estate decline fears 'overblown' for 2005
Ethically thinking--Thoughts from a general, a mayor and a good friendGary Oppermorals and ethics, best practices, code of ethics As mortgage originators and members of the mortgage industry, we should strive to hold ourselves to a high... Read more
Bankers turn bullish on commercial real estate
Making the case for mortgage insuranceJoe Amorosomortgage insurance, lender-paid, insurance premiums, small down payments Chances are your customers have read all of the books, Web sites and financial advice columns. After doing their... Read more
Uncle Sam cracks down: Consumer privacy, Do-Not-Call violators hit for non-compliance
Down payment assistance cut as home prices soarmortgagepress.comhousing market, OFHEO budget, down payment assistance Congress has passed the $388 billion omnibus appropriations bill, which includes additional funding for the Office of... Read more
Time for a national lending standard
Uncle Sam cracks down: Consumer privacy, Do-Not-Call violators hit for non-compliancemortgagepress.comconsumer protections laws, compliance, do-not-call lists In a possible signal of increased government enforcement, the Federal... Read more
NAMB teams with FBI on mortgage fraud
Mortgage technology and beyond … Get the point!By John SvirskyCalyx Point 5.0, Loan Origination Software More than half of the mortgage brokers in the country use Calyx Point 5.0 as their loan origination software (LOS), and I have... Read more
The four most frustrating voice mail phrases
Time for a national lending standardCharlie Elliott Jr., MAI, SRAnational standards, regulatory compliance, consumer protection Most of us would agree that civilized societies, by virtue of human nature, must subscribe as a group to social... Read more
The commercial corner: The lowest rate is often not the best value
NAMB teams with FBI on mortgage fraudmortgagepress.commortgage fraud, FBI, consumer awareness The National Association of Mortgage Brokers has joined forces with the FBI to fight mortgage fraud. NAMB's Web site,, now features a... Read more
FACTA to affect disposal of consumer credit information
Using loan products as sales toolsRon Vaimbergdifferent loan products, benefits, option ARM, fixed-rate Every day, the landscape of loan programs available for use by loan officers is changing. Because of the limited effective sales... Read more