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Reza Jahangiri

Associated Mortgage Bankers Assets Acquired by American Advisors Group

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American Advisors Group (AAG) announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire the assets of Associated Mortgage Bankers (AMB), a New York-based mortgage lender. The acquisition of the AMB reverse platform will enable AAG to further develop its national field sales model and add to the lender's existing call center capabilities. This acquisition will be the second top 10 reverse lender AAG has rolled up this year, following the recent addition of RMUSA employees.Click to continue

American Advisors Group launches new reverse Web site for seniors


American Advisors Group (AAG) has spent the past year working with reverse mortgage experts, Web application specialists and industry advocates to establish a new consumer Web site that will make it easier for seniors to find reverse mortgage information. is a network of question and answer Web sites that will enable consumers to easily request free, fast, and accurate information specifically related to their individual questions about reverse mortgages.Click to continue

Sen. Fred Thompson named national reverse mortgage spokesman for American Advisors Group

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As part of American Advisors Group's (AAG) strategic growth plans to be the largest private national reverse mortgage lender in the country, AAG has secured former Sen. Fred Thompson as the company's spokesman. Thompson, an accomplished attorney, actor, author and commentator, is among America's most recognized and respected national figures. He remains active in politics and the national debate, and hosts a nationally syndicated radio show and recently released his memoir about growing up in Tennessee, Teaching the Pig to Dance.Click to continue

AAG announces actor Peter Graves as reverse mortgage spokesperson

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American Advisors Group (AAG) has selected veteran film and television actor Peter Graves as its spokesperson for a national media campaign beginning Oct. 12.Click to continue