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The Elite Performer: Is Your Brand Broken?

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First impressions are crucial in business and you only have about seven seconds to make your impact on potential customers. Impact is not only made by face-to-face meetings, but in all outlets available that will reflect who you are and what you do. We’re in a new generation of consumer research and expectations. Good or bad, your brand is out there and your audience is watching. In order to make a positive first impression, you must have a strong offline and online presence with a clear position of what you do different from others.Click to continue

Social Media and Networking Compliance


When you think of advertising, do you include social media? These days, most of you do!

However, social media compliance … which I shall call "SMC" … is a considerable undertaking, far more involved than just issuing a policy and procedure. Often, implementing SMC includes working with internet technology and information security professionals, collaborating with sales, compliance, legal, marketing, and human resources personnel, and ensuring that virtually all employees understand their own obligations with respect to using internet communications.Click to continue

The Applicant Has What on Social Media?

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As more and more people sign on to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the many other social media sites available, hiring professionals are becoming more tempted to take a peek at their personal information before hiring an applicant. Who can blame them? There is virtual goldmine of valuable information to be gleaned from a person’s profile, blog, photograph or collection of tweets. Lending institutions could benefit greatly by knowing about a mortgage professional’s online presence upfront.Click to continue

Social Media for the Loan Officer of Today


Loan originators who have a trust relationship with prospects have an easier sale. When a client knows you and trusts you, their decision becomes about which loan to select, not whether to have you do the loan. When you know your clients, you face less rate shopping and less comparison to other lenders.

An alternative is to buy leads, but that means you call as a stranger and will always fight a battle over rates. With refinances all but going away, working leads will not be a viable strategy for most originators.Click to continue

FFIEC Guidance and the Great Social Media Debate

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The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), this past December, published a 19-page document detailing practices related to social media. In it, the FFIEC states “the use of social media by a financial institution to attract and interact with customers can impact a financial institution's risk profile. The increased risks can include the risk of harm to consumers, compliance and legal risk, operational risk, and reputation risk.Click to continue

Marketing Tools and Tips for Mortgage Professionals

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With the explosion of opportunities for businesses and professionals to market themselves via the Internet, deciding where to spend your time to get the greatest return-on-investment (ROI) can be a challenge. How do you prioritize if you only have so much time to devote to marketing? Here are few tips:

1. Choose things you enjoy doing, because that enthusiasm will show.

2. Choose what you are good at. If you are a good writer, then start a blog. If you have strong social skills, then get involved in your community.Click to continue

Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Get More Clients with LinkedIn

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It is a fact that LinkedIn is the world’s largest, most comprehensive professional network. With more than 200 million subscribers, LinkedIn adds two new profiles every second. The clients that you need to do business with are on LinkedIn.

It is a fact that studies indicate that mortgage professionals who implement proven LinkedIn sales and marketing strategies have grown their originations by more than 30 percent. Some of my students have even doubled their origination volume within just 12 months of implementing these proven techniques.Click to continue

Facebook "Likes" Turn to Profit


Facebook is known as the apex of all social media sites. Facebook overcame it's predecessor, MySpace, and even it's close adversary Twitter cannot boast as many registrations and daily participants. Every second of the day, people are posting statuses, sharing pictures, and “Liking” things that catch their interest. It's the fastest, most versatile form of communication and form of sharing that our society has had to date. Facebook “Fan Pages” haven't always been around, but once they were announced, groups, companies and advertisers jumped for joy.Click to continue

Marketing Compliance Corner: Wholesaler Risk

Compliance_Pic/Credit: Phil Ashley

Wholesale lenders may be held responsible for various actions of their brokers, bankers and correspondents (brokers). The wholesaler, in establishing a relationship with the broker, is responsible for due diligence. For example, the wholesaler may approve title insurance agents, appraisal companies and determine that sound underwriting/processing standards are followed. By underwriting the file or reviewing the underwriting, the wholesaler minimizes its risk.Click to continue

Say It Visually Releases Comprehensive Real Estate Explanation Video Library


The hardest challenge in content marketing is providing quality content that meets consumer needs and interests. Real estate agencies and marketers now have some help: Say It Visually’s Real Estate Explanations Library, a collection of more than 100 short videos from the company’s licensing subsidiary, Fast Forward Stories. The new library addresses a broad range of questions for real estate consumers, while giving real estate agents and marketers low-cost, ready-to-share video content with their own branding and information.  Click to continue