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software-as-a-service (SaaS)

Altisource Names New Chief Tech Officer


Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A. has announced that Girish Juneja has been named chief technology officer. Reporting to the President of Technology Services, Juneja will be responsible for guiding Altisource’s technology vision, creating cloud-enabled development platforms that Altisource and its Labs’ portfolio companies are using to rapidly build the next generation of software applications for the financial services sector.Click to continue

Capsilon Names V.J. Anand New CTO


Capsilon announced that V.J. Anand has joined the Capsilon leadership team as chief technology officer. In this role, Anand is resonsible for Capsilon’s global engineer team and delivering innovation that changes the way mortgage lenders do business.Click to continue

LoyaltyExpress Unveils New Web Marketing Platform


LoyaltyExpress has announced the release of PromotionalMaterials, its innovative web-to-print platform for retail banks and mortgage companies. PromotionalMaterials serves as a centralized repository for high-impact sales and marketing collateral.Click to continue

ISGN Announces Partnership With TRUPOINT


ISGN Corporation has announced that it has partnered again with TRUPOINT Partners to offer its CFPB Compliance RiskCheck. A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud-based tool, CFPB Compliance RiskCheck was designed specifically for small- to mid-sized lenders in need of a cost-effective and efficient risk evaluation tool.Click to continue

Creating Policy is Only Half the Battle

Rules and regulations books on a shelf

It’s starting to happen: The audits, compliance reviews and vendor assessments. From top to bottom, the industry is seeing regulators and investors make good on the promise of investigating lender compliance with the advisories published over the last five years. It’s a day lenders knew would be coming, so there shouldn’t be much of a surprise here, but that doesn't mean lenders are fully prepared.Click to continue

Make Your CTO Your Ally


Whether your company staffs a chief risk officer, chief appraiser or director of valuations, there's an office where the proverbial “buck” stops on collateral valuation issues. In today’s world, where valuation regulations and expectations have been redefined, we can point to numerous situations in which change has needed to occur quickly and has required technology to get there. Enter the CTO.Click to continue

Quandis Staffs Up in Expanding Its Web-Based Offerings


Quandis Inc. announced that it hired technical staff members across the board to prepare for a growing demand for its Web-based software applications. The company recently added new developers, business analysts, project managers and support staff to help manage the anticipation of new business and also to service existing clients.Click to continue

Unisys Unveils Latest Content Management Solution


Unisys Corporation announced a software-as-a-service (SaaS) version of its InfoImage enterprise content management (ECM) solution. Separately, the company announced the availability of a new industry-specific InfoImage Mortgage Application that automates the processing and servicing of mortgage loans.Click to continue

LoyaltyExpress Releases Latest CRM Platform


LoyaltyExpress released the fifth generation of its CRM platform – CustomerManager. CustomerManager, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, is the most demanded enterprise-wide marketing automation solution for banks and mortgage companies across the nation. The 5.0 release includes a robust user interface enhancement and extensive lead management capabilities to fully support the 'pre-to post-closing' mortgage sales cycle.Click to continue