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Houses Made of Money

Share of Chinese-Speaking Buyers Paying Cash for U.S. Homes Rises 229 Percent Over Past Decade

Piggybank Pic

New Report Finds Scant Savings Among Americans

If today’s piggybanks look a bit emaciated, that’s because they are barely being fed.

Manhattan Pic

Ka-Ching! Manhattan Housing Prices Skyrocket

One of the nation’s priciest housing markets has become much more expensive.

New Home Sales

New Homes Sales Continue to Rise

The volume of home sales continued to rise while interest rates took a tumble, according to the latest housing data.

Pockets No Money

Affordability Woes Impact One-Quarter of Markets

Homeownership affordability is a growing problem in nearly one-quarter of the major metro markets, according to the latest Health of Housing Markets Report released by Nationwide.

Home For Sale Pic

Home Values Down, Prices Inch Up, Loan Mods Ease

The latest housing data presents a mixed picture of home value depreciation, a scant increase in home prices and a slight slowdown in loan modifications.

Rates Pic

St. Louis Fed Chief: Raise the Rates!

The head of the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank has called for an increase in interest rates, arguing that last week’s decision to leave rates unchanged was a mistake.

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

Fed’s Refusal to Raise Rates Greeted With Mixed Emotions

The Federal Reserve’s decision not raise rates again was greeted by the mortgage industry with a degree of relief from some industry leaders and rueful disappointment by others.

Mixed Results on New Residential Construction Activity

The residential construction market experienced a combination of highs and lows last month, according to data released by the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).

Federal Reserve Bank

Fed Declines to Raise Rates Again

The Federal Reserve has decided to leave well enough alone and will not raise the federal funds rate at this time.


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