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Negative Equity Woes Retreat, as TILA/RESPA Woes Rise

There is good news for homeowners burdened beneath the weight of negative equity and not-so-good news for lenders trying to stay compliant with federal compliance requirements.

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Refi Apps Account for Nearly 60 Percent of All Mortgage Activity

Mortgage applications increased 11.3 percent from one week earlier, according to data from the

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Home Prices Rise, Credit Availability Stays Tight

Home prices are enjoying a substantial rise, but mortgage credit is getting significantly harder to obtain, according to the latest housing data reports.

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Florida and Texas Lead in Loan Defects

The Sunshine State and the Lone Star earned the new nicknames of the Loan Defect States, according to new data released by First American Financial Corporation.

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Are Stock Market Jitters Good for Housing?

The tumult in the global stock exchanges could be good news to prospective U.S. homeowners and mortgage lenders, according to the “Advance Read of August Trends,” released by

Pending Sales Flatten, Rates Dip, In-Foreclosure Sales Drop

The latest housing data finds a continued pattern of very mixed messages, with pending sales flattening out and rates dropping while sales of properties in-foreclosure declined to record lows.

Liberal Groups Challenge Hillary on “Golden Parachutes”

Hillary Clinton’s embattled presidential campaign received another volley, this time from the left with a demand for clarification on how she viewed the link between Wall Street and Washington.

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It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Housing World

The latest data reports points to a housing world that appears to be going in multiple directions at the same time: Home prices are climbing, but people need to be earning more and more money to afford homes.

Will Wall Street’s Convulsions Impact Housing?

The one-two punch of a 1,000-point drop last week for the Dow Jones and another 1,000-point plunge in early trading this morning has been among the most dramatic negative activity seen on Wall Street in some time.

Housing Plummet/Credit: Petmal

Who’s Afraid of a Plummeting Homeownership Rate?

Last month, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that the homeownership rate for the second quarter of this year was 63.4 percent—a rate that has not been seen since 1966, and a sizeable drop from the 69.2 percent peak recorded at the end of 2004.


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