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NMP's Economic Commentary: The Three Bears Jobs Report

After a disappointing March jobs report, we will go back to the old nursery library to describe April's numbers.

Rates Rising as Mortgage Apps Decline

Mortgage applications decreased 7.6 percent from one week earlier, according to data from the

CoreLogic: Home Prices Enjoy 6.8 Percent YoY Increase

Home prices experienced a 6.8 percent year-over-year increase in April and a 2.7 month-over-month increase, according to the latest data released by CoreLogic.

Fed Study on Consumer Health Bodes Well for Homeownership

The Federal Reserve has surveyed the financial health of American consumers, and the news was discouraging in regard to savings, but mostly promising in terms of homeownership.

U.S. Home Sales Rise to Hit Nine-Year High

Pending home sales rose nationwide in April for the fourth consecutive month and reached their highest level in nine years, according to the 

Angel Oak Capital Advisors Surpasses $5 Billion in Assets

Europe’s Wealthiest Housing Market Just Got Wealthier

The Principality of Monaco might be among Europe’s tiniest countries, but it leads the continent as the most successful when it comes to residential real estate sales.

New Data Confirms Rising Home Prices

Home prices are on the rise, according to a pair of new reports, while a forecast for the multifamily market predicts an increase in vacancy rates.

University of Texas Study: Credit Default Swaps Linked to Mortgage Delinquencies

Researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas have published an empirical investigation connecting credit default swaps to mortgage defaults that helped lead to the 2007-2008 financial crisis. The study, authored by finance and managerial economics professor Dr. Harold H.

Mortgage Delinquency Rate Dips to Pre-Recession Levels

The mortgage delinquency rate declined to 2.95 percent in the first quarter of 2015, marking the first time the variable has been below three percent since prior to the recession in Q3 2007 when it hit 2.61 percent.


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