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Keeping the customer in the driver's seat: A chat with Kirk Smith, president of SouthStar FundingEric C. PeckKirk Smith,Southstar Funding
Founded in June of 1998, Atlanta-based SouthStar Funding has
consistently ranked high among the industry leaders in origination
volume ($3.4 billion in 2003 and $4.25 billion in 2004). Primarily


So, what do you do next?Anthony M. GramzaCommercial loan brokering, education, state licensing educational requirements
You have been a residential loan broker for the past few years,
and you have finally made the decision to spread your wings, open
your war chest, take the new road of challenge and do what many

Proposed "bright line" rule may threaten access to creditmortgagepress.comGSEs, legislation, bright line, automated underwriting systems, mortgage credit
The National Association of Mortgage Brokers has joined a
cross-section of housing, mortgage lending, mortgage brokering and
real estate industry groups in warning that the legislative

A Loan Processing AlternativeDon BronstonProcessing, contract, outsourcing, temporary employees
Have you ever wondered if there is a better way? A better way to eliminate the ponderous
stacks of paper that clutter the desks of "temporary" employees that you had to hire to
take up the slack during the "busy time?" Is there way to free you from the burden of