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Everyone knows direct mail can work, but it’s no secret that mail response has been in a slump for the last few years. Now it has risen back to the top. The most widely used marketing method for top mortgage brokers today. Better results than Internet leads, live transfers or online marketing. Direct mail is quietly taking the nation by storm.

“Whose cow is that?”

“Well, let’s take a closer look. Oh, looks like it’s old Bubba Mills’ cow; it’s got a big ‘BM’ sizzled on its rear.”

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of “dead” is either a) No longer alive or b) Very tired. Anyone who spends time researching marketing trends has heard the rumor that e-mail marketing is dead, or at the very least, dying.

In recent years, it has become painfully clear that the mortgage industry is in the midst of a “Recruiting War.” While some managers are targeting loan officers that have already found success, a new trend has begun to take root. Many managers have gone away from hiring loan officers who already have their own way of doing business, to hiring fresh new talent.

Perhaps it all started with the eCommerce revolution in the last decade. Americans were seeing a seismic shift away from bricks and mortar toward online shopping experiences that brought economy and immediacy to an ever-greater number of their routine transactions. Need a shirt? Find it online and have it delivered in a day or two. Want the latest book?

Velocify has launched Velocify LoanEngage, a mortgage marketing and sales platform designed to help retail lenders grow their business and close more purchase loans.

The month of April was a history-making month for the post office. The price of mailing a letter in the United States decreased for the first time in nearly 100 years.