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Every company wants to hire leaders, but in my opinion, most companies think too small when they pursue potential candidates. While every company needs to bring tomorrow’s leaders in today if they are going to thrive in the long term, most invariably pursue those who will give them a significant, but temporary boost in their production.

radius financial group inc. has announced that its Co-Founder and Principal Sarah Valentini was recently awarded the Bravo Award for

Fans of the long-running ABC sitcom “Modern Family” may have been a little confused last week when the character of Phil Dunphy’s forcefully stated that he was a “Realtor” and not a real estate agent, an action that he emphasized by adjusting the “R’’ insignia pinned on his suit jacket.

Who comes to mind when I say, “The Material Girl?” What about “You’re fired!” If you guessed Madonna and Donald Trump, then congratulations, you are familiar with two of the best self-promoters in the world.

Since the market crashed, we’ve been stuck in a world of rate reduction refinances. For a long time, no one had equity and consumers were afraid of the term “Adjustable-Rate Mortgage.” So the only refinancing to be done is lowering interest rates. Now everything is different, home prices are steadily rising with another strong year-over-year jump in home prices.