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Getting personal with a customer relationship management programEric J. ChristopherCRM, customer relationship management, increasing business and referrals
You may have heard the term "Customer Relationship Management"
(CRM) in the late 1990s during the dot-com craze. But CRM is as
much a sales philosophy as it is a dot-com buzzword or software

Proven Ways to Survive the Tight Job MarketReg Guptonhiring, employees, job market
The hiring of employees is not necessarily difficult in a
limited job market, but the cost of your error may be greater. The
greatest challenge you will encounter is a reduced number of
candidates to choose from. In a market flooded with applicants, you

Technology Can Simplify Non-Conforming LoansMike Enostechnology, LOS, automated underwriting
In the not-so-distant past, non-conforming loans were the dark
alleys of the mortgage business. It was best to avoid them, because
they were perceived to be complicated--and they were, thanks to
nebulous guidelines concerning loan-to-value and debt ratios,

Get ready for digital signaturesLee Howlettelectronic signatures, online transactions, digital services
On October 1, the Internet lending circle became complete, as
the "Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act"
went into effect. Signed by President Clinton on June 30, this Bill
allows the entire closing to be transacted online. This process is

Myers Internet, Inc. Launches Mortgage Masters Program with The Mortgage Press as its Exclusive Media Partnermortgagepress.comMortgage Masters, technology, contest
The Mortgage Press has teamed up with Myers Internet, Inc. to
create the Mortgage
Masters Award to honor mortgage originators who have
demonstrated an outstanding ability to apply technology to

Poll Finds Direct Payment Improves Credit Scoresmortgagepress.comcredit socres, direct deosit, direct payment, FICO, late payments,
According to a recent national poll by the Direct Deposit and
Direct Payment Coalition, many consumers are unaware that late bill
payments can damage their credit rating. The poll reported that 35

Total Success: How to Achieve Your Personal Best Every DayBill "The Coach" Sparkmanmotivation, organization, success, Sparkman, Bill Sparkman, The Coach
Is there a secret to success? Does one idea, concept, belief, or
strategy enable you, if mastered, to achieve fulfillment and
improve your skills and abilities leading to Total Success

National Delinquency Survey, NDS, Mortgage Bankers Association of America, MBA, economyMortgagePress.comMortgage Delinquencies, Foreclosures, Mortgage Bankers Assocaition of Amerca, MBAA
The number of homeowners late in paying their mortgages and the
number of foreclosed homes increased in the third quarter of 2000,