There has been a lot of talk recently about how the mortgage industry needs to figure out ways to attract the next generation of loan officers. It is often stated that the average age of people who work in the industry are in their 50s. As the younger generation enters and takes over the housing... Keep Reading....
planetRE, a technology provider for online real estate, recently launched planetRE Socialite—a single sign-on cloud platform for real estate and mortgage professionals. Socialite integrates a versatile social media customer relationship management (CRM) platform with a powerful paperless... more
SaM Solutions US, the developer of Engage, a mortgage loan origination and processing system, has released its enhanced business rules engine that allows users to compare and validate data points at any stage of the loan origination process. “This upgrade allows lenders to create dozens of... more
Cartavi, a cloud-based software solution for document management, has officially been released to the market. Specifically designed for real estate professionals Cartavi allows users and those related to the transaction to securely manage and share documents with everyone involved in the... more
QuestSoft, a provider of mortgage compliance software for lenders, has added La Jolla, Calif.-based ClosingCorp’s SmartGFE service to Compliance EAGLE, an end-to-end, automated compliance review solution. The integration of SmartGFE into Compliance EAGLE ensures that fee amounts in Good Faith... more