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Social media has changed the landscape in the way organizations conduct almost all aspects of business. It has affected marketing, communications and more. Because of this monumental shift, companies are deviating from the traditional ways of finding candidates to fill open positions.

Content marketing has taken the world by storm and that content is mainly in video format. Consumers watch at least two videos per day and most of that watching is happening on their mobile device. No, they are not all Millennials. People, in general, have moved to video consumption. Remember the line: A picture is worth a thousand words? Well, according to Digital Trends Marketing Analyst Dr.

Social media has become an accepted part of our everyday lives. Whether we are at home, work or play, social media is constantly around us … even when we aren’t plugged in.

Every step in the mortgage process is under scrutiny to get things done faster—not always better, but at least faster. And that may or may not be better for customer service and satisfaction.

People seem to think that a “social media” presence is the end all, be all to business success in the current electronic age. Maybe it can be, but I have not found the winning formula yet.

Did you ever see that commercial where a new business puts up a Web site and then gets 10 hits, then 1,000 hits, then 500,000 hits, then 30 million hits?

Oh, only if life was that easy!

It has been said that innovation belongs to those who are able to stay ahead of the technology curve and be first to bring dynamic business tools to market. But building a mortgage technology platform can be anything but fast, in fact it is a marathon, not a sprint. So, how do you pace yourself while keeping up? How do you ensure that your Web site is responsive to your clients’ needs?

OpenClose has announced that it has redesigned and added new features to its borrower-facing ConsumerAssist solution.

LendingQB is launching a new brand as part of a strategic initiative to focus on “adoptimization,” a process that helps lenders streamline their processes and continuously improve their lendin