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Clarity of Purpose: Your People Need It

In my coaching and consulting business, the first thing I always go over with clients is the importance of purpose. “Why do you do what you do?” is the question that must be addressed before any other, because it is the umbrella under which all other questions fall.

The Qualified Leader: Would Your Employees Hire You?

As a leader in the mortgage industry, you've probably interviewed your fair share of job candidates. Chances are, you've played a major role in building the team you are currently managing. You know what to look for in a good candidate ... and what to stay away from in a bad one.

Vision: The Biggest Things Can Start Very Small

This past week, many people in the world celebrated Christmas. Those who have observed the holiday religiously have spent some time remembering the birth story of Jesus. Regardless of your religious affiliation, I think you would agree that there's something remarkable about the story.

Networking: You Are Who You're With

Networking is an important part of building relationships in business. Whether you are just starting or you have been in business for years, making the right connection at the right time can dramatically alter your career.

Motivation: Where There is a Why, There is a Way

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The Power of an Integrated Marketing Strategy

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Outsourcing: Leveraging the Abilities of Others

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Transition: The Time Great Leadership Is Needed the Most

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Recruiting: Bringing Millennial Talent Into the Mortgage Industry

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Leadership, Transparency, and Gaining Trust

As the results of the U.S. Presidential election have rolled in, many—whether they be supporters or opponents of the President-Elect—have expressed a tremendous amount of surprise by the upset.


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