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loanDepot Files for IPO

NY Fed Chief Back Pedals on Rate Hike Forecast

The possibility that the Federal Reserve might be forced to delay its long anticipating interest rates hike was planted by a somewhat unlikely source: the vice chairman of the central bank’s Federal Open Market Committee, who was predicting a hike two weeks ago.

TRID Breakdown: Jonathan Foxx of Lenders Compliance Group's Six-Part Series

Jonathan Foxx of Lenders Compliance Group (LCG) has published a six-par

San Francisco Housing

Will Pricey Housing Force Millennials to Leave San Francisco?

The expensive cost of housing in the San Francisco metropolitan area may contribute to the loss of Millennials that perceive they cannot afford to live in this market, according to the new “Bay Area in 2015” r

Short Sales Pic

Distressed Homes Sales on the Decline

Distressed home sales made up for 9.4 percent of total U.S.

Raise Rates

Minneapolis Fed Chief: Raise Rates in 2017

The momentum to force the Federal Reserve to raise the interest rates was blunted with a bold call by Minneapolis Fed President Na


CFPB Issues Guidance on MSAs and Kickbacks

Mortgage Rates Drop

Mortgage Rates Head Further South

Yesterday’s dramatic news of a 25 percent-plus spike in mortgage applications has been followed by today’s dismal news of average fixed mortgage rates spe

Congress Pic

Congress Solidifies Battle Lines on CFPB Controversies

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has found itself in the middle of three different political storms that continue to further divide the already rancorous fissures on Capitol Hill.

Oakland Housing Chief Denies Affordability Crisis Exists

The top municipal housing official for Oakland, Calif., has set off an outrage in the Bay Area city by insisting that there is no local crisis in affordable housing.


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