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SIGTARP Recovers $1.58 Billion to Date

The Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP) has announced that 200 bankers, corporate executives, mortgage modification scammers, real estate developers, brokers, and other defendants investigated by SIGTARP and law e

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Wells Fargo and Prospect Mortgage Withdraw From MSAs

Wells Fargo Bank and Prospect Mortgage LLC have both announced that they will withdraw from mortgage marketing services agreements (MSAs) with real estate firms, builders and certain other referral sources.


CFPB Fines Residential Credit Solutions Over Servicing Actions

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Former Texas Governor Blames Clinton for 2008 Housing Crash

Former Texas Gov.

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ABA Survey: Dodd-Frank Limiting Bank Products and Services

Growing regulatory compliance burdens have led nearly half of all banks to reduce their offerings of financial products and services, according to the

JD Power Award

J.D. Power: Quicken Loans Ranks Highest in Mortgage Servicer Satisfaction

In an industry that is highly regulated to protect consumer interest, mortgage servicers are spending a disproportionate amount of time and resources on at-risk customers, compared with customers who are current with their payment, adversely impacting satisfaction

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Year-Over-Year Housing Inventory Declines for Fifth Consecutive Month

There were fewer homes for sale in June than there were a year ago, increasing competition for potential buyers this home shopping season.

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New Data Finds Mixed Picture on Rates and Foreclosures

The latest housing data continued to see-saw between developments that inspired optimism and numbers that are not entirely copacetic.

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House Financial Services Committee Overwhelmingly Approves GSE Salary Cap Bill

The House Financial Services Committee has voted 57-1 to advance HR 2243, the 

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NAR Study: Millennials Prefer Walkable Communities

Millennials prefer walking over driving by a substantially wider margin than any other generation, according to a new poll conducted by the


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