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New to Market

LenderLive Announces New Suite of Home Equity Services


LenderLive Network Inc. has announced that it has developed a comprehensive suite of services and product offerings for banks and credit unions that are re-entering or expanding their home equity lending. LenderLive expects that the demand for home equity products will continue to increase as home prices strengthen and low first mortgage rates make refinancing less attractive for millions of home owners.Click to continue

Zillow Launches New Performance-Focused Marketing Solution


Zillow, Inc. has announced the launch of Zillow Rent Connect, a performance-focused marketing solution that will transform the way multifamily property management marketers connect with future residents. The foundation of Zillow Rent Connect is high-quality, certified contacts from the Zillow Rental Network coupled with elite service for multifamily marketers.Click to continue

Comergence's Realm Platform Now Featuring Document Library


Comergence has enhanced its Realm platform to include a Document Library, designed to enable a document to be filed once but be used by any lender a third-party originator, TPO, designates. Comergence maintains a Document Library with over one million documents. On average, a lender requires 30 documents, of which 50 percent are redundant among all lenders—and that means TPOs spend hours uploading the same documents.Click to continue

HomeUnion Announces New Investment Management Site


HomeUnion, an online real estate investment management firm specializing in single-family rental (SFR) investment properties for the individual investor, announced that it has launched an investment management Web site that acts as a SFR marketplace and gives investors access to HomeUnion‘s turnkey end-to-end services. This allows individual investors to more effectively identify and invest in single-family properties in various parts of the US, without the hassles of being a landlord.Click to continue

BNY Mellon to Launch Home Equity Retirement Solution


BNY Mellon plans to launch Home Equity Retirement Solutions later this year, a business that purchases, securitizes and services reverse mortgages and provides advisory services to brokers, financial advisors, and asset managers on how reverse mortgages fit into retirement plans. The program will be designed to provide U.S. retirees with cash to supplement their retirement plans and help them achieve sustainable homeownership throughout their retirement.Click to continue

Quandis Announces New Servicemember Search for the Prevention of Foreclosure


Quandis Inc. has announced that it has rolled out a new feature within its existing military search service that identifies multiple name variations of borrowers which could have active duty status in the U.S. military. If in default but on active duty, certain rules prohibit foreclosure.Click to continue

Zillow Announces Coming Soon Housing Inventory Search


Zillow Inc. has announced the introduction of Coming Soon inventory to its home shopping experience on mobile and the Web. Now, for the first time on Zillow, home shoppers can search for and find homes that are not yet on the market, but expect to be listed for sale within 30 days.Click to continue

CoreLogic's LoanSafe Risk Manager Now Available Through Mortgage Builder Software


CoreLogic has announced the availability of its LoanSafe Risk Manager suite of risk mitigation solutions directly to mortgage professionals through Mortgage Builder Software, the leader in end-to-end residential lending software and interface integration for mortgage bankers, banking institutions and credit uClick to continue

ClosingCorp Launches New Estimated Closing Cost Tool


ClosingCorp has launched a pilot for its new Seller Net Sheet, a tool leveraging ClosingCorp’s proprietary database designed to inform sellers of their estimated closing proceeds. With a few input fields, the Seller Net Sheet instantly calculates a seller’s net proceeds for any property in the nation. The solution is available for title companies and other Internet content providers to help their real estate clients confidently explain the potential closing proceeds to the seller.Click to continue