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The Elite Performer: Is Your Brand Broken?

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First impressions are crucial in business and you only have about seven seconds to make your impact on potential customers. Impact is not only made by face-to-face meetings, but in all outlets available that will reflect who you are and what you do. We’re in a new generation of consumer research and expectations. Good or bad, your brand is out there and your audience is watching. In order to make a positive first impression, you must have a strong offline and online presence with a clear position of what you do different from others.Click to continue

Tracing Stagnant Mortgage Apps to Less Affordable Housing


The relative inertia in mortgage applications continued for another week. But in view of new data warning about the evaporation of affordability in the residential property market, one could easily connect the stagnation with mortgage applications and the disappearance of housing inventory that is within financial reach of many middle- and working-class Americans.Click to continue

The Elite Performer: Spring Forward


It’s that special time of year again when flowers are blooming, eyes are itching and spring is in the air. The 2014 housing market can certainly use a little sun to get buyers more active and sellers motivated to list and grow inventory after a slow start to the year. From talking with many colleagues in the industry, February was one of the slowest months many have experienced in recent history. Big regulatory changes in the mortgage sector are now a reality, and we’re in a new era of residential mortgage financing.Click to continue

The Elite Performer: The Mentor and the Protégé


Every Monday night, I attend a men’s group where we discuss life, family and faith. Each week brings a new discussion, and everyone’s background creates a unique perspective. We recently spoke about others who have influenced our personal and professional lives and how we can also individually impact the lives of others. We addressed, in detail, the benefits of having both a mentor and a protégé in our lives. It got me thinking about who in my life I have had as a mentor over the years, and who I might have considered to be my protégé.Click to continue

Banker to Broker (Part II)

Bank Exterior/Credit: John Foxx

Last month (see page 60 of the December 2013 issue of National Mortgage Professional Magazine), I discussed the topic of an originator going from a “Banker” to a “Broker” in 2014. I know, many are shocked by this title and topic, but I have been absolutely shocked that this topic has not discussed more over the last several years. I truly believe it has something to do with the motive and intention behind the author and invalid fear about wholesale lending overall in our industry.Click to continue

Dave the Mortgage Broker

Man analyzing

Meet Dave. Dave is an old school mortgage broker I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the years. When I say “old school,” I mean that he’s been around so long his state license number is a negative number. Dave is a hard-working small business owner and has been through every kind of change you could imagine in the mortgage industry. Needless to say, he’s witty and stubborn (in a good way) and isn’t shy to tell you what he thinks.Click to continue

Formulate Fourteen

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So we’re finally here! It’s already 2014, the biggest year of regulatory changes the residential mortgage industry has seen to date. Interestingly enough, the regulatory changes may not place the level of burden the media has portrayed on our industry. The big question is what the housing market will look like after applying this new regulation, combined with a significant reduction in origination volume during a job market recovery.Click to continue

Marrying My Mortgage

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We are now entering a new era in the residential housing market for both the homebuyer and the mortgage professional. From tightening credit guidelines to regulatory restraints, the barrier to entry is greater than it has been in over a decade. What this tells us is that both sides of the homebuying equation must be better educated, prepared and committed to the process. As a mortgage professional entering 2014 with significant changes ahead, it is your duty to help new potential homebuyers and business partners plan for the mortgage application and approval process.Click to continue

Get Online!

Laptop/Credit: Thomas Northcut

Back in 2009, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) stated that more than 80 percent of homebuyers began their search online. These numbers have significantly increased since then, and I would not be surprised if nearly 100 percent of potential homebuyers, at some point during the homebuying process, at least did some kind of research online. Mobile devices and smartphones are also making these online searches higher than ever. The same is true when consumers are researching mortgage loan programs and interest rates and it’s imperative that you have a local online presence.Click to continue