Welcome to NMP University

Welcome to NMP University

Dear Readers:

It is my absolute pleasure to announce the launch of NMP University (NMPU), a division of NMP Media Corp. devoted to the hands-on professional development of retail and wholesale mortgage professionals. NMP University is an extension of National Mortgage Professional Magazine in that NMPU was created to provide all of the working resources every mortgage professional may need to succeed at the highest level.

Who NMPU serves

NMP University, focused on serving both wholesale and retail mortgage professionals, provides on-site success training, elite coaching, NMLS pre-licensing and continuing education courses powered by Mortgage Educators and Compliance (MEC), training products, and so much more.

How did NMPU evolve?

As executive directing partner and head coach of NMP University, I am often asked, “How did the idea for NMPU come to fruition?” The answer is rather simple: In looking at the needs of both the wholesale and retail mortgage industries, it was clear that there was no single place to obtain the bulk of the success resources a company owner, branch manager, loan officer, or account executive may need.

It started as a casual conversation between myself, Joel M. Berman, CEO and publisher of NMP Media Corp., publishers of National Mortgage Professional Magazine and executive producer of Mortgage News Network, and Andrew T. Berman, founder of NMP Media Corp. and Mortgage News Network. Together, we realized that by combining the marketing power of NMP Media Corp., Mortgage News Network, and high level success courses presented through Ron Vaimberg International, that we would be a perfect fit to work together to not only bring together all of these resources a mortgage professional may ever need, but we can do it for less and save the industry money.

Giving you access to the best resources  

Although NMP University is new, the combined experience and success of all the partners involved makes it instantly a veteran team able to provide many of the products and services a mortgage professional may need. NMP University always focus on providing cutting-edge training, products and service for the professional development of retail and wholesale mortgage professionals. We will be constantly adding more resources for YOU, the mortgage professional, to make sure that you always have access to the best of the best within the industry.

The principles in which NMP University is founded upon is honesty, integrity and accessibility. Please feel free to reach out to me directly to find out exactly what we have to offer and how we can assist you or your organization

To your success,


Ron Vaimberg

NMP University

Executive Director & Head Coach

RonV@NMPMediaCorp.com | 866-360-6645


PS: For decades I’ve been helping great mortgage professionals find their peak performance. I’m excited to be expanding my ability to help the professional development of retail and wholesale mortgage professionals via cutting-edge training, coaching, products and service. Let’s talk about taking you and your team from GREAT to EXCELLENCE! 

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