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Nine Reasons You Should Get Published

Submitted by Rosalie Berg on October 01, 2018You don’t need to be Rob Chrisman or James Patterson to know that getting published can make you famous. Whether you’re writing thought leadership articles, blogs or books, a strategically placed, well-written piece can have significant, far-reaching benefits for an author and the company they represent.   Fortunately, you don’t have to be a great writer to become published.  Many if not most... Read More

Four Discussion Topics for a Productive NS3 Event

Submitted by Timothy Moreland on June 05, 2018As we prepare to travel to Detroit for the 2018 National Settlement Services Summit (NS3), my team and I have been preparing for the critical conversations we know will take place at this important show.
For this 14th annual show, October Research promises a “world-class conference [that] features a lineup of industry experts who will discuss topics impacting your business.” The... Read More

The Social Media Revolution?

Submitted by Mary Kamelle on May 18, 2018Social media has revolutionized the way we do business. You might say social media is the new sales team. In the past, salespeople would communicate product information and spread the good word about their company by hitting the pavement and making cold calls on prospects. A hardworking salesperson could setup three to five appointments a day or cold call on as many 10-20 businesses dropping off... Read More

A Message From Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals President Kimber White, CRMS

Submitted by Kimber White on April 10, 2018As we approach the end of our first quarter in 2018, we all are probably thinking “where has the time gone”? For those of us actively involved in FAMP, let me share with you where our time and efforts have been these last three months. Our Pop-Up events have and our continuing to be very successful in our chapters. One of our 2018 goals this year was to “Pop-Up” in areas of our chapters that... Read More

A Quick Guide to Getting a Mortgage Broker License in California

Submitted by Vic Lance on March 30, 2018Becoming a mortgage broker in California can seem confusing at first. The state offers three different types of broker licenses, issued by different agencies, and having different licensing requirements.   There is the finance lender license (CFL) and the residential mortgage lender license (CRML) both of which are issued by the California Department of Business Oversight (DBO). There is also the... Read More

News From NAMB: March 26, 2018

Submitted by Valerie Saunders on March 26, 2018United Wholesale (Advertisement)
Introducing Jumbo 90% LTV With No M.I.
When it comes to Jumbo loans, 20% down is a lot to ask. Now you don’t have to. With Jumbo 90% LTV with no M.I. from UWM, your Jumbo clients with a 720+ FICO can now opt for a lower down payment or increase their buying power. Eligible for primary homes with a 30-year fixed rate and a maximum DTI of 43%. Ready to... Read More

News From NAMB: March 16, 2018

Submitted by Valerie Saunders on March 16, 2018United Wholesale (Advertisement)
UWM just rolled out an exclusive program to help more borrowers fit into conventional financing. Conventional High Balance Nationwide allows borrowers to get into a conventional loan ranging from $453,100-$679,650, even if their property is located outside of the counties that are eligible under Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac high balance locations—instead of... Read More

News From NAMB: March 8, 2018

Submitted by Valerie Saunders on March 08, 2018
United Wholesale (Advertisement)
Virtual E-Closing With UWM
UWM has made it possible for borrowers in 16 states to close from anywhere, anytime completely online with their Virtual E-Closing, including electronically signing the mortgage and promissory note. All that’s needed is a computer or mobile device with access to Wi-Fi. Virtual E-Closing offers borrowers convenience and... Read More

News From NAMB: March 5, 2018

Submitted by John Councilman on March 05, 2018Top Story: Trigger Lead Battle Heats Up NAMB has asked Congress to ban trigger leads unless they are fed to an entity that is servicing the loan.  The proposal has caught the attention of the trade media and now nationally syndicated columnist Ken Harney is writing about it.  His article shows a link where a mortgage company claims to they recorded a highly misleading telemarketer apparently... Read More

News From NAMB: February 22, 2018

Submitted by John Councilman on February 22, 2018Top Story: NAMB Pushing for Ban on Trigger Leads The big three credit bureaus sell your name when you apply for a mortgage.  These leads are called Trigger Leads.  Many of us have experienced our borrowers getting calls in mid-application from someone trying to steal the borrower.  I personally have heard callers using a trigger lead saying things like, “This is _____ and I need to talk to you... Read More