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The start of the year brought significant lending activity in the commercial real estate sector. So...Read more
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The Coronavirus pandemic continues to significantly impact the domestic and global economy. Weekly...Read more
The news in April was a relentless bombardment of scary health statistics and ugly Economic Data. I...Read more
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For all of the suffering that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing, it has also given rise to...Read more
Carissa Robb on Mortgage Leadership Outlook series
The Mortgage Leadership Outlook series kicked the week off on Monday with Carissa Robb, president...Read more
Headshot of David Luna and marketing for April 20 livestream.
David Luna, president of Mortgage Educators and Compliance , an NMLS-approved education provider,...Read more
Michael Tedesco, chief executive officer of Appraisal Nation will be appearing on National Mortgage Professional magazine's next episode of Mortgage Leadership Outlook on April 15
Michael Tedesco, CEO of Appraisal Nation , was the guest of National Mortgage Professional magazine...Read more
Carl White headshot and marketing info.
Carl White, founder and chief strategist for Mortgage Marketing Animals, appeared on National...Read more
Carl White headshot and marketing info for April 14 livestream.
Carl White, founder and chief strategist for Mortgage Marketing Animals will be appearing on...Read more
Headshot of Barry Habib and marketing for the April 13 livestream.
On Monday afternoon’s Mortgage Leadership Outlook livestream , host Andrew T. Berman, head of...Read more