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Headshot of Rick Sharga and marketing for the April 10th livestream.
Rick Sharga, founder and CEO of CJ Patrick Company, joined the National Mortgage Professional...Read more
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The Mortgage Leadership Outlook Series has provided valuable information and reassurance for...Read more
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In his 45 years in the mortgage industry, Patrick F. Stone has seen the highest of highs and the...Read more
ACC Mortgage
Robert Senko, president of ACC Mortgage and Right Opportunity American REIT, sat down with Andrew...Read more
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National Mortgage Professional Magazine's Mortgage Leadership Outlook Series continued with Samir...Read more
This Newsletter is a summary of Economic Data and Events that affect the Mortgage Business, but...Read more
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David H. Stevens has an extensive career in the mortgage industry , including his current role as...Read more
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Peter Norden, CEO of HomeBridge Financial Services , has been through every cycle in the mortgage...Read more
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The COVID-19 pandemic is requiring a lot of agility and adaptability in the mortgage industry. One...Read more
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Staying positive in such a turbulent time for the mortgage industry can be difficult for mortgage...Read more