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In the midst of the current COVID-19 health crisis, lenders and settlement agents who schedule and...Read more
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Rock bottom interest rates. No travel. Remote employees. There’s absolutely nothing routine or...Read more
As a loan originator, you’re exposed to many different credit profiles. You’ve run the gamut, and...Read more
Rise With NMP - Working With Coronavirus
As we touched on yesterday , more and more people are going to be working from home as the effects...Read more
Rise With NMP
Last week we told you about Anthony Hsieh, CEO of loanDepot . He was harshing our mellow saying...Read more
Anthony Hsieh, CEO of loanDepot - Source:
Some of you among us may know the phrase, “Don’t harsh my mellow.” Basically, it means, “Don’t rain...Read more
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Many label others as “Negative.” The label “Negative” in itself is a useful contradiction, useful...Read more
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It’s January, and that means a lot of us just simply have football on our brains. Whether it’s...Read more
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Every day, we hear conflicting information about how the economy and the real estate market is...Read more
We are just starting the last quarter of 2019 and getting closer to another year going into the...Read more