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News From NAMB: August 4, 2017

Submitted by John Councilman on August 04, 2017Top Story: Freddie Kills 1% Down Program Without giving a reason, Freddie Mac suddenly announced it was discontinuing its Home Possible Advantage program that allowed borrowers to have as little as a 1% down payment.  Lenders were allowed to fund up to 2% of the borrowers down payment by slightly increasing the interest rate.  The lone exception was UWM who did not require a rate increase for... Read More

Every Leader Needs a Process

Submitted by David Lykken on August 02, 2017In my consulting business, I spend the majority of my team working with mortgage industry leaders and their teams on refining their business processes. In my experience, there is simply no more effective way to achieve organizational success than by placing an intensive focus on business process improvement. If you can get your processes right, everything else will fall into place.   While I... Read More

News From NAMB: July 27, 2017

Submitted by John Councilman on July 27, 2017Top Story: Only 36 Comments On 3% Originator Cap It is amazing that only 36 people have commented on the Ability to Pay Rule so far. The CFPB is assessing the Ability to Repay rule, also known as the Qualified Mortgage (QM) rule. Under the rule, we have a 43% ratio that essentially only applies to private industry loans and a 3% cap that really only applies to mortgage brokers because of all of... Read More

The Power of Process Improvement in Time Management

Submitted by David Lykken on July 25, 2017You've heard it before: We all have the same 24 hours in a day; it's how we choose to use that precious time that makes all the difference. The same thing can be said of the work day. What we accomplish while we're in the office is less a function of how much time we spend there and more a function of how efficiently we use that time. And that is why there are so many books, Web sites, and... Read More

News From NAMB: July 20, 2017

Submitted by John Councilman on July 20, 2017Top Story: CFPB Loses Another RESPA Case The CFPB has taken a very expanded view of the Section 8 prohibition on kickbacks.  They sued PHH and lost.  Now, the agency has lost another RESPA case.  The CFPB brought suit against a law firm that was creating title joint venture LLCs with local real estate and mortgage companies.  The Bureau claimed that profit distributions were really disguised... Read More

Why You Need More "Thinkers" on Your Team

Submitted by David Lykken on July 19, 2017When you're bringing people onto your team, you may be thinking primarily in terms of how they'll fit in with your organizational culture. That's definitely an important thing to keep in mind. However, when you're interviewing candidates, you may come across people who aren't very sociable. And, it's not because they're shy; they're very articulate and communicate well—they just don't have much... Read More

Why You Want Extroverts on Your Team

Submitted by David Lykken on July 14, 2017Finding the right people is an important step in creating a successful organization. It doesn't matter how great your processes or products are if you don't have people whom you can trust to handle them correctly. So, what kind of people do you want on your team? There are many difference personality styles that can find a place in the mortgage industry, but one you certainly should not ignore is... Read More

News From NAMB: July 14, 2017

Submitted by John Councilman on July 14, 2017Top Story: CFPB Revises TRID Starting about a year ago, the CFPB decided to put in writing what they had been advising those who contact them with TRID questions.  One should not look at this as changes but formal guidance on a few issues.  One stands out as a “give” to a big trade association.  Realtors had been complaining since TRID began that lenders were not sharing information about the... Read More

News From NAMB: July 6, 2017

Submitted by John Councilman on July 06, 2017Top Story: Budget Cuts Could Hamstring CFPB In Washington, much of what cannot be passed in stand-alone bills can be accomplished in the budgeting process.  Since the Choice Act that passed in the House does not appear to be passable in the Senate, House leadership is working on putting portions in an important appropriations bill.  It would roll back CFPB funding to 2015 levels and diminish CFPB... Read More

Why the Best Leaders Delegate

Submitted by David Lykken on July 05, 2017The best leaders in the mortgage industry have an entrepreneurial spirit. Whether or not you've started your company, you've no doubt had the spirit of a starter to get to where you are as a leader. People becoming leaders by taking initiative, getting their hands dirty, and doing the work while others are just sitting around waiting for orders. As a leader, you are probably used to doing a lot... Read More