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The Carrington Advantage Series is a full suite of Non-QM Loan solutions that "Delivers More" for you and your borrowers. Ideal for borrowers, like the self-employed, that don’t fit Agency or Government Qualified Mortgage standards based on credit quality, property type, documentation type, income documentation, or other borrower situations.

  • FICOs 550+
  • Primary wage earners FICO
  • DTIs up to 50%
  • Bank Statements (personal or business) accepted
  • We don’t require disputed tradelines to be removed

With the Carrington Investor Advantage (DCR)

  • DCR down to .75
  • First-time investors are ok
  • Only 48 months seasoning for major credit events
  • 1x30x12 mortgage history ok

Licensed in 47 States (excluding NH, MA & ND.)

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1600 South Douglass Road
Suites 110 & 200-A
Anaheim, CA 92806
United States

Carrington Cuts Staff From Wholesale

Around 100 staff members were laid off, according to a source that works for the company.

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Feb 08, 2022
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Carrington Mortgage Services LLC now provides retail, wholesale, and correspondent lending.

May 05, 2021
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