Global DMS

Mortgage Banker

Global DMS empowers residential and commercial lenders and AMCs with intelligent appraisal management software. We offer the most advanced appraisal technology on the market called EVO.


EVO is 100% configurable to your business needs because we know not all lenders work the same way. That means no development delays or downtime when you need to change fields or forms and super-fast implementation times. EVO also boasts the most user-friendly navigation possible and a user-role-based workflow, so your staff only sees what they need to see when they need to see it. This allows for a personalized, role-based experience that is completely trackable, ensuring there is no cross-population of work. In turn, departments and outside parties work in concert, giving clients a clear consensus and fewer surprises.


■ Designed to streamline the real estate appraisal experience with a configurable workflow design that automates 100% of routine tasks, alerting you along the way.


■ Backed by a compliance guarantee.


■ The only platform that allows you to create custom fields on the fly.


■ EVO-Res was built with a true cascading assignment feature that allows you to create an unlimited number of rule sets, which can be run automatically to choose the best-fit appraiser based on your specific needs.


■ The easiest to use reporting engine. You can use built-in reports or customize and build unlimited reports with no development delays and schedule automatic generation and delivery, so you’re free to focus on other tasks.