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As a mission-driven CDFI, Quontic Bank is one of the fastest growing national Non-QM lenders in the country. Our unique Community Development Loan programs help historically excluded borrowers look beyond income documentation to help make homeownership dreams a reality.


As a CDFI, Quontic is exempt from Dodd Frank’s ATR requirements. This enables us to offer our unique Owner Occupied - No Ratio (no income stated & no DTI calculated) and Lite Doc (borrower prepared P&L) loans to credit-worthy borrowers. These programs are ideal for those seeking expedited loan approval or who do not qualify for other lenders’ bank-statement program guidelines. We also offer our Lite Doc program for investment properties where the DSCR is < 1:1.


If speed to closing is important, Quontic also offers a Fast Track underwriting process which enables you to close loans quickly and easily. By submitting a complete loan file, your applications will be pushed to the head of the queue where initial underwriting, condition review, and credit clearance each typically occur within 24 hours of submission.


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